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Time is running out on the amazing rebates on Heat Pumps!
Here are 5 reasons to consider converting to Clean Heat!
You may have heard the buzz about The New York Clean Heat Program which offers amazing initiatives in the form of significant rebates when you install a High efficiency Cold Climate Heat Pump system in your home or business. If not, you should know you can qualify for as much as $14,000 in rebates when you install a whole house Cold Climate Heat Pump System!

Converting your heating and cooling system to Clean Energy with a Heat Pump has tons of advantages and below we will list our top 5.

#1 YOU’LL SAVE MONEY – The cost of heating and cooling your home with a Heat Pump is less than oil, propane or electric resistance heating. You can save up to 40% on all your energy cost!

#2 YOU’LL HAVE MORE CONTROL – Everyone has a cold spot in their home, a room that is colder than the rest no matter the temperature on the thermostat. With Cold Climate Heat Pumps, you can individually control the heating and cooling in each room.

#3 YOU GET BOTH HEATING & COOLING – Heat pumps are designed to provide year-round comfort, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

#4 HASSLE FREE – When you have a heat pump, you eliminate the hassle of scheduling fuel deliveries, and they require minimal maintenance.

#5 THEY ARE CLEANER & SAFER – Heat pumps have the lowest carbon emissions of any heating source. Additionally, with a heat pump there is no combustion of fossil fuels, fuel storage or carbon monoxide emissions.
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When it’s cold outside and you have a problem with your heat, it’s nice to know that there is someone you can depend on.
WK Mechanical is a family owned and operated company that has been in business right here in Orange County for over 75 years.

We care about you and want to be sure your home or business is always comfortable.

If you are having an issue with your heating system, the professionals at WK will thoroughly analyze your problem, then come up with the best solution possible. If you hear any weird noises or smell any odd odors coming form your HVAC system, or if your heating system is running but not working as well as it used to, we would be happy to help!

Together we can discuss whether it is best to repair your current system or if it’s time to consider an upgrade.

If repairs are needed, you can be sure we will do it the right way, the first time. We’ll make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

If you think it’s time for a system upgrade, we will take our time to customize the best system options to meet your needs. We properly size your home using Manual J heating and cooling load calculations so that we can design the right system for your home.
We Love Our WK Mechanical Family!
Kyle is one of our HVAC Apprentices who is originally from Newburgh NY has been working with WK since Spring 2021. Kyle is a graduate of NFA. He is mechanically inclined and has extensive experience in machine shops and factory mechanics.

He really enjoys working with new customers daily. Every day is a different experience and always a learning experience. Kyle’s best advice to customers is to always Do It The Right Way With WK!
His role model is father, and he really enjoys working on cars because it relaxes him.
We are the Hudson Valley’s Heating & Cooling Comfort Pros!

If you have any questions about your Heating System, Air Conditioning, Ductless System or Heat Pump, give us a call.
An automatic standby generator will help you to be prepared when a winter storm wipes out your power because they kick on within seconds of a power outage. You can size them so that they provide power to your entire home or a few key spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and home office.

If you would like more information on our Automatic Standby Generators, head to our website. https://wkmechanical.com/generators/

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