WLALA's Executive Committee with Supervisor Holly Mitchell (from left to right): Jeannine Taylor, Noelle Natoli, Mary McKelvey, Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Janet Hong, Jennie Wang VonCannon and Farah Tabibkhoei
Passing the Torch
by Mary McKelvey
Thank you WLALA for allowing me to serve as President this year. The experience has been rich and rewarding and has allowed me to grow as a leader, lawyer, decision maker and woman.

WLALA has immense power as an organization and the responsibility is shared by all of us to continue to evolve it to its potential. WLALA has great capacity to nurture and develop women leaders and we continue to embrace that objective more consciously going forward.

I have learned that leadership is about having a vision and inspiring others to help create it—and that this is not always easy. The goal during my tenure was to move the needle a bit in the direction of change for greater good. I have done what I can, have learned much from my mistakes, and relinquish my role as President a wiser woman for the experience.
Women Mentoring and Sponsoring Other Women to Be Leaders

presented by LACBA-WLALA Joint Task Force Committee
Now in its 16th year, the LACBA-WLALA Joint Task Force has facilitated an ongoing dialogue in Los Angeles about best practices for the retention and promotion of women in the legal profession. In this program, four accomplished women in both the private and public sectors discuss their paths to their current positions and the role mentors and mentoring played in their success; the benefits of mentoring and being mentored; their tips on how to find good mentors and also be good mentors to others; and whether “sponsorship” is different from “mentorship” and if so, how lawyers can successfully cultivate both.
WLALA and ICLC Back to School Drive
WLALA's Annual Installation Dinner
After a two-year hiatus, on July 13, 2022, WLALA Foundation held the annual silent auction called WLALAPalooza in person at Bar 13 in downtown Los Angeles. A chic and intimate event, attendees had a great time networking for a good cause and raised over $7,000. All proceeds go to fund WLALA Foundation fellowships and scholarships.
Throwing Rocks at the Glass Ceiling: Roundtable Discussion with Law Firm Leaders Making Significant Efforts to Support Diversity and Inclusion
On July 27, 2002, the LACBA-WLALA Joint Task Force facilitated an ongoing dialogue about best practices for the retention and promotion of women in the legal profession. Moderated by WLALA Past-President Stacy Horth-Neubert, the panel featured Connie Tcheng, Partner at Doll Amir & Eley LLP, Katherine A. Roberts, Partner at Sidley Austin LLP, and Jennifer M. Martinez, Partner at Hanson Bridgett LLP, who discussed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at law firms of varying size, including what has worked, what has not worked, and what is on the horizon.
WLALA is maintaining a page of resources for our post-Roe world, including ways to donate, take action, and learn.
WLALA Communications Officer Jennie Wang VonCannon has been elected as the Chairperson of the Los Angeles County Bar Association's (LACBA's) Privacy & Cybersecurity Section for 2022-23, a section which she co-founded in 2019.
Welcome to Our New Members
Colleen Blackburn
Neresa DeBiasi
Kiranjit Dharsan
Diana Ding
Margaret Farrand
Leslie Estrada Flynn
Thania Fuentes
Angelica Gonzalez
Monica Hernandez
Heliya Izadpanah
Keobopha Keopong
Lesly Mendoza
Destinee Moya
Karla Munoz
Emily Pincin
Maura Riley
Kemisha Roston
Netta Rotstein
Evelyn Sanchez-Gonzalez
Austin Trickey
Pauline Tseng
Sarah Ugaz
Kristin Witzenburg
Attorney Tries to Slip Sexist Insult Past the Judge... It Doesn't Go Well For Him

by Kathryn Rubino
Brigit Greeson Alvarez
WLALA is proud to welcome Brigit Greeson Alvarez as the newest member of the Executive Committee. Brigit will be serving as the Communications Officer for 2022-23 and is WLALA’s first Latina and first openly Queer Executive Committee member in its 100+ year history. Brigit is an immigration attorney at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), has been a member of the Racial Justice & Equality Advisory Council for the past two years, and a board member of the WLALA Foundation for the past year. With an almost perfect WLALA board meeting attendance record, Brigit has provided valuable insight on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion during her tenure. Brigit wanted to become the Communications Officer in order to highlight lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds. As part of WLALA’s executive leadership team, she takes on a more public role. She loved the mentorship aspect of WLALA that she discovered upon joining, and wants to continue its legacy of providing professional support to its members — something Brigit has modeled throughout her nearly two-decade career as an immigration attorney with respect to newer practitioners. Her leadership style is most aptly described as uplift: helping other women attorneys recognize their worth, encouraging contribution of their input, and fostering their confidence so they appreciate challenges in their careers. WLALA is excited to benefit from your leadership, Brigit!
LLBA's Career Summit
Local Bar Calendar
Career Center
Did you know that your WLALA membership allows you to access our exclusive Career Center? The Career Center has employment opportunities ranging from non-profit organizations to government employers to law firms.
WLALA Webinar Recordings
WLALA webinars have been recorded and are available for purchase. Following your purchase, access to the recording will be sent via email. If MCLE credit applies, the materials will be sent after we receive confirmation that the video has been viewed.
iDepo will make a donation to WLALA if you schedule a court reporting or videotaped deposition with them as follows:

  • $20 donation to WLALA for each court reporting services of at least 100 pages per day.
  • $50 donation to WLALA for each videotaped deposition with at least 100 pages per day.

When scheduling, please email or call and mention code "WLALA." 
Email Calendar@iDepoReporters.com or call 323-393-3768. 

iDepo will send donations to WLALA within 90 days after receipt of payment of invoices.
The Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles ("WLALA") promotes the full participation in the legal profession of women lawyers and judges from diverse perspectives and racial and ethnic backgrounds, maintains the integrity of our legal system by advocating principles of fairness and equality, and improves the status of women by supporting their exercise of equal rights, equal representation, and reproductive choice.
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