Oct. 1, 2018

Contact: Jodi Legge
WLIC Launches System Upgrade for Premises Registration Database
New CoreOne System Allows for Comprehensive Premises & Animal Identification
WLIC NEWS Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is pleased to announce a system upgrade from its current Premises Registration Database to a new system, effective today, in order to better suit the needs of our users and ensure a higher level of data quality and animal traceability.

The CoreOne system (a Trace First product), will provide a more robust animal identification system, including a more comprehensive premises registration process.

The new system will include enhancements such as:

  •  The eventual ability to provide full animal traceability from the farm of origin
  • The ability to provide more comprehensive reporting and data quality, regarding:
  • Premises Registration Information
  • Vaccine Information
  • Certified Veterinary Inspection (CVI) Information
  • Animal Movements
  • And much more!

The CoreOne system offers heightened search functionality to easily identify people, animals and premises, and includes features that will allow for more accurate isolation and mapping of disease outbreaks by address, county and region, as well as provide robust statistics on program participation; and deliver visual trends in the industry. Eventually, the new system will allow the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) staff to pinpoint individual animal information with a few key strokes.

Additionally, CoreOne will let WLIC staff enter all CVIs, animal movements, and vaccine information on a timely basis, and allow for the electronic transfer of all relevant animal data from veterinarians, markets and other states; with reporting and mapping features to ensure the fastest possible response in case of a disease outbreak.
“We are excited to launch the new system and believe it will be very beneficial for the State of Wisconsin,” said Jodi Legge, WLIC’s Executive Director. “This is a great step forward for disease traceability and individual animal identification.”
During the first few months following the upgrade, individuals will no longer be able to access their accounts through the WLIC website. In order to register a premises, update information, or renew a premises, individuals will need to either call WLIC, or fill out a registration/renewal form online (completed forms can be returned via email, fax, or regular mail).
For more information, please call 888.808.1910 or send an email at: info@wiid.org .

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is a private, non-profit organization working to protect animal health and prevent the spread of disease through livestock and premises identification and traceability. For more information or to become a member, visit www.wiid.org .

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