Volume 23 | September 17, 2018
WLIC's NEW CoreOne System
Exciting news! Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is getting a system upgrade from its current Premises Registration Database to a new system, in order to better suit the needs of our users and ensure a higher level of data quality and animal traceability.

On October 1 st , WLIC will launch a system upgrade to CoreOne (a TraceFirst product), that will provide a more robust animal identification system, including a more comprehensive premises registration process.

The new system will include enhancements such as:
  •  The eventual ability to provide full-animal traceability from the farm of origin
  • The ability to provide more comprehensive reporting and data quality, regarding:
  • Premises Registration Information
  • Vaccine Information
  • Certified Veterinary Inspection (CVI) Information
  • Animal Movements
  • Dairy License Information
  • Other licenses, programs, and more!

WI-Origin Tags Now Available!
WLIC is selling Wisconsin-branded tags, as well as readers and taggers on our website in the online store!

The WLIC online store gives producers several options for purchasing the WI-Origin™ tags, including choice of style, color, and price. Other preferences include a selection of both RFID (radio frequency identification), or non-RFID tags.

WLIC is competitively priced and all proceeds will be used to fund our programs and services. In addition, Allflex, USA, provides WLIC with a 10-cent rebate for every Wisconsin-branded tag sold.
Meet Our Members
DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C., including its affiliate DeWitt Mackall Crounse & Moore S.C., is one of the ten largest law firms based in Wisconsin, with an additional presence in Minnesota. It has nearly 140 attorneys practicing in Madison, Metropolitan Milwaukee and Minneapolis in over 30 legal practice areas, and has the experience to service clients of all scopes and sizes.

DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C. strives to deliver successful, cost-effective legal advice. Whether the client is a family-owned business or a major corporation they understand that budgets, bottom lines and successful outcomes matter. Their attorneys are very conscientious of the fact that our clients need to effectively manage legal expenses.
WLIC Trivia
Which species do not require a premise ID?
A) Rabbits
B) Chickens
C) Sheep
D) Llamas

Answer shown below!
In the News
Cattle Disease Traceability Project Moving Forward
Announced publicly in June, the Kansas-based CattleTrace pilot project is on track to begin testing a purpose-built infrastructure for cattle disease traceability by fall 2018. Cattle disease traceability is a top priority in the beef cattle industry, and the CattleTrace pilot project will help guide discussion and development of an enhanced traceability system in Kansas and on a national scale.

Hog Cholera Reported in Japan
Classical Swine fever, more commonly known as hog cholera, has been identified on a farm in Japan. It has been 26 years since that country has had an outbreak of the devastating virus.

A Sniff Test for BRD?
As the search continues for reliable chute-side tests for early signs of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), researchers work to identify indicators beyond gross signs, body temperature and other traditional methods of field diagnosis.

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WLIC Trivia Answer
Which species do not require a premise ID?
A) Rabbits
B) Chickens
C) Sheep
D) Llamas

Rabbits have never required a premise ID for fairs or personal recreation.
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