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The first three days of competition at the WMA Championships have impacted the 2016 rankings lists. Results will be inserted into the rankings daily. You can read more about this later in this newsletter.  Click here for Official Meet Results.  We hope has been helpful to competitors at the WMA Championships.

Much of my focus has been on inserting performances so athletes preparing for Perth could be better informed about the competition.  Focus will switch so I can catch up on the other things important to you.  Scroll down to read more.

Everything on this site is inspired by Masters Athletes - this is your site so that is the way it should be. This site will improve more with your feedback.

What to expect in the months ahead
Now that the WMA Championships are underway, focus will shift to cleaning up errors, making the planned changes like adjusting non-FAT 400 meter times and removing excessive wind performances from sprints, short hurdles and horizontal jump rankings lists (they will still appear in performance lists and athletes' profiles) and fundraising. Inserting performances will not cease for the next couple of months - tens of thousands more should be inserted between now and the end of the year.

End of Year Goals:
  • Get caught up on addressing correction needed notifications & corrections identified by MastersRankings
  • Design database & modify programs to accommodate changes mentioned above.
  • Insert no less than 80,000 more performances
  • Raise 2016 expense balance and 50% of 2017 funding
Why is fundraising important?
Contributions and memberships have enabled this site to continue as they have paid for business expenses like insurance, hosting & licenses. No salaries have been paid and we have not been able to add staff. Sponsorships and grants are the plan for providing funding needed to sustain MastersRankings. All secured funds go to pay expenses to run this site including a small staff to keep up with the volume of work. Thank you to everyone who has helped with fundraising. Do you want to help? Email or call me (you can call through Facebook Messenger) to discuss how you can.

Photo by Doug Smith

By the Numbers & Meet Results
Ranked Athlete Spotlight

Wilma Perkins is a perennially ranked athlete in multiple events and a multiple World Champion. Many, however, may not be aware of Wilma Perkins' significant impact on Masters Athletics. She is President of Australian Masters Athletics and is very active guiding and influencing much for Masters Athletes worldwide. Thank you Wilma for all you do! Last month's expanded Athlete Spotlight was very popular so, considering the WMA Championships in Perth are in full swing, it seemed appropriate to feature an Australian athlete who influenced and inspired some of what competitors will enjoy.

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We'd love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
WMA Championships' Affect on Lists
Photo by Rob Jerome

Last month's newsletter included a preview of the most competitive event, M45 100 meter, based on most World Top 20 Ranked athletes. 12 athletes were listed in last month's newsletter, two did not start and the remaining 10 were the fastest in the Semi-Finals. Should be a fantastic final.  

Results from the first 3 days of competition are listed in the rankings. Each day, results should be inserted in the rankings by midnight Perth time. Multi-Event performances, including individual events, will be inserted after the final event is completed. Horizontal jump performances will include the best wind legal performance when the athlete's best performance was with excessive wind.

35 performances from Perth top the 2016 World Outdoor Rankings. Strong winds prevented a few more from topping the lists.  

Rankings Awards & Upcoming Competitions
Most Improved Ranking Award
2016 leaderboards are now available and will be updated weekly. As you've seen, the rankings lists are significantly more complete now and much closer to declaring winners. It is conceivable that a 2016 winner could be declared for NCCWMA and Europe within the next few months.  The list for 2015 & 2016 for each of these could be reasonably complete and substantiate declaring a winner. Note: the program updating points scores is still running so you may need to come back if you see no scores in the leaderboards.

This feature is not maintained by MastersRankings as our staff of one is beyond bandwith but anyone can submit an upcoming competition. The idea behind this was to have a resource athletes could use to find  suitable competitions. This feature will evolve like everything else on this site. It will probably include a mix of links to other resources and a searchable database.

Thank you all!
This journey has been amazing. I really appreciate all your encouragement, support, advice and help. This vision is coming together with incredible progress being made every month.

John Seto
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2015 Outdoor US Rankings Published
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