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April 2015
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2015 Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Kay Leigh (left) with Jenn Wilson, last year's recipient

Kay Leigh, RDN, LDN,  is the  2015 Outstanding Dietitian of the Year . Kay is currently a renal dietitian at the Western Maryland Health System (WMHS). Kay is extremely flexible and agreeable to always help where she is needed. She serves as the Western Maryland AHEC Dietetic Caucus Treasurer and is leading their current cookbook project. She participates with Focus on the Future expos and facilitates the WMHS Bariatric Support Group. Kay volunteers in her church, where she teaches and supplies meals for various functions. She regularly promotes the field of dietetics with her participation at health fairs and serves as a role model for new dietitians by exemplifying how versatility can be such a vital asset to a health care organization. Kay has worked in a variety of settings in her career that spans over 30 years and she epitomizes an excellent dietitian to her coworkers, interns and colleagues.
2015 Social Worker of the Year Dennis Tipton, middle, pictured with Carolyn Clauson-Andrews, left, and Jennifer Glotfelty, right
The Allegany & Garrett County Social Work Caucus chose two people to receive the  2015 Social Worker of the Year Award .

Dennis Tipton, LCSW-C
, has been a Psychiatric Social Worker at the Thomas B. Finan Center for 32 years. He has worked diligently with his patients, patient's families, community providers and Finan Center staff, helping them to understand mental illness and the recovery process, especially impacting the geriatric population. He is an excellent Social Work Supervisor demonstrating ethical, effective and organized clinical supervision, providing administrative coverage  and developing policies and procedures. Dennis is a community activist via his participation and leadership on various boards such as the American Rec Cross, Rocky Gap Volunteer Board and the Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services Board. Although he is considering retirement, Dennis will no doubt continue his ongoing commitment and service to others and the community.

April Busch, LCSW-C , was also chosen to receive the 2015 Social Worker of the Year Award, although was unable to participate with the event as she was home with a sick child. She is a social worker at the VA Community Based Clinic, where it is said that in a profession filled with caring, capable and impressive people, April nevertheless stands out as a remarkable social worker. She is extraordinarily helpful to her co-workers, anticipating their needs and standing always ready to provide a solution to their patient care problems. She has invested great effort in becoming skilled in delivering a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies, and she is a dynamic and effective therapist. She contributes to her profession in many ways, including by being active in social work organizations and by supervising developing social workers. She is extremely well-liked by her clients, as well as by her colleagues both within and outside of social work. Her cheerfulness and sense of humor always help to warm up the emotional climate of her workplace. Her thoughtfulness, professionalism and good counsel are recognized and highly valued.
John Kenney, left, receiving the 2015 Washington County Social Worker of the Year award from last year's recipient, Diane Mitchell, right
John Kenney, MSW, LCSW-C, is the 2015 Washington County Social Worker of the Year. John is currently the Program Manager for Adult Services for the Washington County Department of Social Services. For approximately 40 years, he has been an advocate and committed to serving the older and vulnerable citizens in the county. He is very knowledgeable concerning the needs and resources to provide assistance and support to many adults who were abused, neglected and exploited. He has a particular passion for the homeless and has supported REACH, a homeless shelter, as well as other initiatives to serve this population, including sleeping overnight in a cardboard box in support and for gathering understanding. He has worked with the Adult Public Guardianship Review Board for many years, providing guidance to those under guardianship with DSS and the Commission on Aging. John fights for those who do not have a voice and his deep devotion to the practice of social work in our community is highly respected and appreciated.
For more information, please visit the Western Maryland AHEC Caucus page.
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