April 2020
A Message from Our President

The theme of my message in this issue of the newsletter is GRATITUDE. It is true that we are all going through an uncertain and stressful period in our own lives, as well as in the history of our country and indeed, the whole world. But nonetheless, I am finding joy. Why?


  • For all your contributions to the Piano Fund.
  • For your donations in memory of past WMC president and visionary leader Joyce Seibert, for whom the Wednesday Music Club was a passion.
  • For music teachers in our midst, struggling to teach lessons via Skype and Zoom.
  • For virtual concerts performed by many artists from their different locations.
  • For the Wednesday Music Club, its mission and vision, its hard working Board and committees, its long history of service and outreach to young musicians, its inspiring programs and small group interactions, and - above all - for YOU, its devoted members. We WILL be together again soon.

---Corky Sablinsky, President
A Grand Plan With a Grand Finale!

The Wednesday Music Club is delighted to now be the proud owner of a seven and one half foot Yamaha Concert Grand to be named in honor of our own Content (Corky) Sablinsky! With the overwhelming generosity of YOU, our members, a leadership grant from the Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation, some special friends and family members of Corky's, as well as the sale of our WMC Baldwin Grand (thanks to Dana Patek and her posting on Facebook), we were able to upgrade to an even larger size concert instrument than the seven foot piano proposed in our initial planning. This piano will be loaned to The Center at Belvedere and available for us in all of the Wednesday Music Club's programming as well as in rental opportunities for the Center.

Upon the wise advice of Paul Ferlan, several seasoned artists, and helpful conversations with piano dealers and technicians across several states, the search became focused on new Yamahas as opposed to Steinways. It became apparent that even well-rebuilt concert-worthy Steinways were out of our financial reach and that newer Yamahas have become the piano of choice for a good many concert artists. Our advisors also emphasized that before a purchase was made, the targeted piano MUST be played by someone with an excellent ear and real insight into pianos.

To our good fortune Jeremy Thompson, always a friend to WMC, had referred us to Ruggero's Piano Company in Raleigh. While concertizing in North Carolina, he took the time to drop by Ruggero's and try out their concert Yamahas, discovering several he really liked. Armed with that information and accompanied by Dana Patek, Corky went down, played them, and fell in love with one in particular, our recent purchase. Again, know how grateful the WMC is to each and every one of you who has so generously responded to this campaign. A formal letter of thanks with its information for your taxes will be coming very soon.

---The Piano Campaign Committee: Pat Davis, Chair; Anitra Archer and Dana Patek
THANK YOU from Joyce Seibert's Family

Dear Friends,

Our family wishes to express sincere thanks to the Wednesday Music Club membership for innumerable acts of kindness during this year of sadness and loss. Throughout Joyce's illness your cards, gifts, notes, flowers, emails and texts brought comfort to her and to Bill. Many of you used Caring Bridge to stay in touch as you added your messages to over 12,000 visits from family and friends from around the world. Even as your messages were a source of comfort to Joyce, and to those who followed Caring Bridge , Joyce was also able to express her resolute, unwavering faith in the Lord.

Thank you for your gifts to the programming of WMC in Joyce's honor and memory; for tributes posted in the Newsletter; and for supporting Music Here! which she considered her greatest joy during her WMC presidency. She so wanted to return to Music Here! . Thank you now for your cards and notes of condolences to our family.

We feel your support and your sympathy; we know you are grieving too; please accept our gratitude for all you have done.

---The William H. Seibert Family
Links to Enjoy Live Performances At Home

How fortunate we are to live in an era in which live performances can be streamed to our screens at home. Whether Andrea Bocelli's Music for Hope Easter Concert Live from Duomo di Milano or a solo artist playing acoustic guitar, the worldwide musical community is sharing its talents and feeding our souls. For some local flavor, try UVA's Arts on the Hill performances available at 8pm Sunday nights via @UVA Facebook and Twitter feeds, and be sure to check out The Center at Belvedere's website for accessible music and other activities. Classic FM Digital Radio keeps an updated list of all the major classical concerts and events being streamed online, and NPR has published links to performances across the musical spectrum, also updated daily. In addition, many contemporary artists are using #TogetherAtHome as a searchable hashtag to announce live performances from their home studios with links via Twitter , You Tube , Facebook Live , and other platforms. Enjoy!
UPDATE: Alma Huesing Summer Piano Camp
As of right now, we are hoping for continuing good news and that life will return to normal by summer, so we are going forward with plans for the summer piano camp. The application deadline has been extended to June 15, and we are opening the camp to 14 year old students as well. Click here to check out the WMC website for details and look for an update in the May newsletter.

--- Barbara Moore, Co-Director

Our regular meeting in May has been cancelled - please look for a May newsletter mid-month with important WMC updates.

The Wednesday Music Club promotes and expands quality musical and educational opportunities for its members, for teachers, for music lovers, and for the youth of Central Virginia through regular performances, competitions, shared group experiences, and financial support.

The Wednesday Music Club will foster and sustain a vibrant music climate throughout Central Virginia, especially among young people.
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Newsletter Editor - Ann Etchison