May 2020
A Message from Our President
Instead of the strains of "The Four B's: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok" - as performed by Piano Group II to close out WMC's season - I'm afraid you will have to settle for reading this Newsletter and perhaps clicking on the heartwarming link to "Bolero Juilliard," which I guarantee will brighten your day! Brightening MY day is this year's performance of WMC's Board of Directors, all of whom have dedicated countless hours to managing their various areas of activities. Most chairs have been assisted by hard-working committee members and volunteers. Your passion and commitment are exemplary, and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of you on behalf of the entire Wednesday Music Club community.

In a few days you will be receiving my President's Letter with the WMC membership renewal form and ballot for voting enclosed. You will see that a special discounted dues rate is being offered if you mail your renewal by June 19, 2020. (The online form does not reflect this discount.) If you have any questions, please email me at .

As NBC's Lester Holt says in signing off, take care of yourselves and each other.

---Corky Sablinsky, President
YMR Virtual Recital Report

As you can imagine, the Wednesday Music Club Young Musicians' Recital was unable to be held at The Colonnades on April 19th. What you might not know is that the event was held but in an entirely new way! Area music students, contacted through their teachers, were given the opportunity to sign up for a virtual recital via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Various hours of the day were offered with a defined number of slots for each platform each hour. A total of six students took part in two separate mini-recitals, one by FaceTime and one by Zoom - a good turnout given that April falls after the CMTA Festival and that this event was a very different and unknown experience.

Two of my cello students participated in the Zoom session along with two piano students from two different teachers. I attended as an observer but very soon decided the event could benefit from a little direction to break the ice and get things started. I had the students introduce themselves and tell a little about their musical studies, teacher, and the piece they would be playing. Then each person performed from the comfort of their homes, and we were able to talk a little about the experience and the technology we are learning to use, its benefits and problems. Surprising to me, all four agreed they preferred performing in real time on-line rather than sending in a video recording of themselves for everyone to watch together. They felt to prerecord the performance would be twice-removed from the excitement and feel of a live recital. One student said he liked the small group format because it was shorter! All of the young people in the Zoom recital group felt it was worth the try and enjoyed the chance to interact with other students during this time of isolation. We agreed that this format may become a more common part of our musical life moving forward. I told them they were all courageous adventurers into this Brave New World of music!

---LynanneWilson (and Dana Patek)
The WMC Membership Renewal Form - Redesigned

In 2019-20 our Board of Directors asked the newly formed Development Committee to redesign the WMC membership renewal form with an eye toward highlighting donors and giving.

Our club is recognized for its monthly member programs of the highest caliber, professionally adjudicated student competitions with monetary awards, student lessons and camp scholarships, support for music teachers in our schools, our newest program, Music Here! and more. We are able to offer all these programs, even with historically modest dues, because so many of our members make generous donations in addition to dues at renewal time.

This year the renewal form highlights giving by establishing three named giving levels with benefits. We want to recognize the generosity of the many who give beyond dues and to say thank you for this generosity.

Please remember to renew by June 19 to benefit from the early renewal reduced rates and to secure your place in the 2020-21 Yearbook. If you are so inclined, we welcome a donation in any amount in addition to your dues to help offset administrative costs (dues cover only 50%) and to keep our programs and initiative strong as they serve, in particular, the youth of our community.

WMC Development Committee - 2019-20
Anitra Archer - Chair
Pat Davis (Corky Sablinsky Piano Campaign)
Dana Patek
Natsuko Rohde
Corky Sablinsky
Joyce Seibert - in memoriam
Susan Thomas
Some Reflections from the WMC Board of Directors - May 2020

Just remembering the Winners Recital on March 1 before this crisis - our Competition winners delighted parents, teachers, and WMC members with outstanding performances on a variety of instruments. ~ Mary Vee Connell
Though we were all saddened and disappointed by the cancellation of WMC's April and May meetings, the Program Committee has been busy planning a wonderful inaugural season for us at The Center at Belvedere. May music continue to enrich all our lives as we weather the storm of this pandemic! Stay safe . ~ Laurie Shulman
We have cleaned, walked, golfed and had picnics in the back of my SUV on Skyline Drive until it was closed. We listen to Instagram and a friend's music group, DeCoda, at 6 in the evening featuring one musician. ~Cecily Winchell
Heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to serve on the WMC Board - working with wonderful people to make a difference in our community. ~Rae Skinner
Kudos to Corky for so ably steering the ship through some rough waters! ~ Pat Davis
I'm grateful for the devoted volunteers who continue to make Music Here! a success and especially for the tremendous effort by Michele Carrigan to extend access to the Music Learning Community software to all band students at Walker. The students have continued to access it from home even after the pandemic shuttered the schools! ~Nancy Bertram
As our community finds itself under quarantine, I am reminded of a Charles Darwin quote, "Music was known and understood before words were spoken." Many words are heard these days, so whether we make music ourselves or enjoy listening to both favorite and new melodies, music is indeed a medicine for our souls. ~Diane Kingsbury
As we've entered a "brave new world", reflections of this experience will remain long after it's over: the value of personal contact with students and friends, the multi-dimensional/bio-kenetic aspect of live music that can't be duplicated over the internet, the peace that comes when we slow down and don't run frenetically from activity to activity, the time available to be with family, and how tiring it is to be on the computer constantly. Just shows that there's a silver lining to every cloud . ~Barbara Moore
What a great year for the WMC! Our wonderful programs seem all the more special now! A highlight of my WMC year was the mid February weekend trip with Corky to Ruggero Piano in Raleigh, NC. I'm very excited for the WMC's next chapter. ~Dana Patek

I have been productive during this time by teaching online piano lessons and working on a To Do List of items that have been put aside over the years. I am really happy to get these projects done in hopes I can return to normal life with renewed spirit. ~ Michele Carrigan

Last year's highlights for me: seeing everyone at the luncheon, ALL the programs, the Musical Interlude, the Winners Recital...and so much more! ~Carol Parkerson
Alma Huesing Summer Piano Camp Update

It is with a heavy heart that we must reluctantly cancel the piano camp, originally scheduled for this July. Many factors are involved, but with the uncertainty of the course of the virus and all the areas that impacts, we felt it would be in the best interest of WMC and all involved to cancel. Hopefully, we will be able to hold the camp in the future. We give heartfelt thanks to Mary Vee Connell for her vision and support for the endeavor.

--- Barbara Moore and Melody Day

For Your Enjoyment!

The Community of Juilliard Students & Alumni
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Bolero Juilliard - April 2020

The Wednesday Music Club looks forward to its new partnership with The Center at Belvedere . As this newsletter goes to print, pandemic regulations are fluid, so check The Center's website for updates on activities and the eventual opening of their beautiful new facility.

Our fall 2020 regular meeting and luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at the WMC's new home, The Center at Belvedere . Mark your calendars and look for updates in late summer/early fall.

The Wednesday Music Club promotes and expands quality musical and educational opportunities for its members, for teachers, for music lovers, and for the youth of Central Virginia through regular performances, competitions, shared group experiences, and financial support.

The Wednesday Music Club will foster and sustain a vibrant music climate throughout Central Virginia, especially among young people.
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