Donate until Monday at Midnight!

We started receiving on-line donations yesterday in our annual matching fundraiser and are off to a great start!  Thank you to everyone who has already made a contribution.  

Please consider supporting WMI this week-end when your donation  will qualify for matching funds. 

Participating is easy.  Click on the donate button on the WMI web site any time before midnight on Monday, September 7.  Donate here!
Individual donor support has been vital to WMI's operations.  For over a dozen years we have been able to deliver WMI's grassroots loan and training services directly to village women in East Africa.  Ongoing surveys document the immediate and long-lasting impact of the loan program.

This year has been especially challenging for the ladies in the loan program as they deal with all of the impacts of the corona virus. The women and families we serve experienced severe economic stress as their countries shut down.  Restrictions are now easing and we are optimistic that with WMI's help women can get back to business in a safe and reliable way. Our support in this difficult time takes many forms from extending loan payment periods, to issuing new loans, to supplying PPE to communities, to providing emergency food stocks in crisis situations. 

Thank you for your ongoing support for WMI's mission to give rural women a chance to start a business, learn critical skills, and generate income that allows them to improve household living standards for themselves and their families.  Your support truly transforms lives.  Donate here!