We're proud to announce that WMM New Releases
will screen at this year's Hot Docs Festival
sisterhoodNORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE   Irene Lusztig's YOURS IN SISTERHOOD  is a performative, participatory documentary inspired by the breadth and complexity of letters that were sent in the 1970s to the editor of Ms. - America's first mainstream feminist magazine. The film documents hundreds of strangers from around the U.S. who were invited to read aloud and respond to these letters written by women, men and children from diverse backgrounds. The intimate, provocative, and sometimes heartbreaking conversations that emerge from these performances invite viewers to think about the past, present, and future of feminism. 

" Irene Lusztig's documentary set-up succeeds in bringing a wealth of experiences from an earlier generation of the feminist movement into a complex dialogue with the present."
- Berlinale

Harriet Hirshorn's NOTHING WITHOUT US tells the inspiring story of the vital role that women have played - and continue to play - in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. From beauty parlors in Baton Rouge to the first HIV clinic in Burundi, this film looks boldly at the dynamics that keep women around the world at high-risk for HIV, while introducing the remarkable women who have the answers to ending this 30-year old pandemic. As the history of AIDS activism is being written, women, particularly women of color, are being written out of it. This documentary restores women's crucial role in the history and present-day activism around HIV as well as bolsters the work of women everywhere still fighting for their lives.

" A must-see film for anyone interested in understanding what it means for women to be healthy. " - Rewire

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17 more films supported through our programs  will also be screening and pitching

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF DESIRE (dir. Hao Wu, executive producer Jean Tsien), 93QUEEN (dir. Paula Eiselt, prod. Heidi Reinberg), SHIRKERS (dir. Sandi Tan, prod. Maya Rudolph and Jessica Levin), ROLL RED ROLL (dir. Nancy Schwartzman, prod. Jessica Devaney and Steven Lake), NETIZENS (dir./prod. Cynthia Lowen), BLOWIN' UP (dir. Stephanie Wang-Breal, prod. Carrie Weprin), DEATH METAL GRANDMA (dir. Leah Galant, prod. Elizabeth Pauker), THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED (dir. Assia Boundaoui, prod. Jessica Devaney), MR. SOUL! (dir. Sam Pollard, Melissa Haizlip), WARRIOR WOMEN (dir. Christina D. King, Elizabeth A. Castle, prod. Anna Pitman), UNITED SKATES (dir./ prod. Tina Brown and Dyana Winkler),  COMMANDER ARIAN: A Story of Women, War and Freedom (dir. Alba Sotorra, prod. Stefano Strocchi) and  A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME (dir. Sahra Mani) will be screening.

Films in Production:
THE HOTTEST AUGUST (dir. Brett Story, prod. Danielle Varga) and THE LAST YEAR OF CONGO MIRADOR (dir. Anabel Rodriguez, prod. Sepp R. Brudermann) will take part in the Hot Docs Forum.  ANGELS OF SINJAR. YAZIDIS - 21ST CENTURY GENOCIDE (dir. Hanna Polak) and HWANGSA (YELLOW DUST) (dir. Claire Sanford) will take part in Deal Maker.

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WMM's Executive Director Debra Zimmerman, Director of Distribution & Acquisition Kristen Fitzpatrick and Director of Production Assistance & Digital and Broadcast Sales Barbara Ghammashi will be attending and taking meetings at the Forum and Distribution Rendezvous.  
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