Evangelistic Association
Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised; He is to be feared above all gods. Psalm 96:3-4
October 2019

Shalom Partner,

Blessings to you in our Lord Jesus.

We thank God for you as we partner together to worship our God in heaven, and to bring The Gospel of The Son of God to the Human race. What a privilege we have until He returns, thank you.
Kilimanjaro Jewish Outreach Banquet - North Tanzania

We came to Karatu, Tanzania with the vision to prepare an outreach and to share the Hope in Messiah to the many Israeli tourists visiting the safari parks in north Tanzania. In the past seven years WMO has been equipping Tanzania churches for Jewish evangelism and last March Henry met with 30 pastors who are just beginning to understand the vision of Romans 11:30-31 and committing to working together to turn the vision to reality. On September 6, 2019 the vision turned to reality as WMO and local pastors hosted the first Shabbat Shalom Banquet celebration at Pamoja Olea Farm Hotel, complete with an Israeli interpreter as Henry ended the night with the Gospel message. Following the dinner, the team met with lodge guests from Israel, and shared with a Jewish family, leaving them with the Gospel message and with a Hebrew New Testament for each one. In the week prior to the event the team was busy distributing flyers in the town of Karatu, and working with the local hotels to promote the event. In the process many local Tanzanians came to faith in Jesus and some attended the banquet. The hotel manager who hosted the banquet, and many Pastors expressed their desire to see such an event happen again next year.
Kilimanjaro Outreach to local Tanzanians

WMO’s vision is based on Romans 1:16 and true to that vision, the team joined with pastors from 30 churches who for the first time worked together to put on an evangelistic outreach to local Tanzanians on Saturday and Sunday following the Jewish outreach on Friday night. Many got saved as the Gospel went out and today those new believers are getting follow up by the local churches. Pastors met with the WMO team to thank them for 1) demonstrating how to present the Gospel to Jewish people and 2) for encouraging them to join together in their efforts to reach the unsaved people of their community. Prior to the events, many of the local pastors had never before worked together. All expressed the desire to continue to work together to see that the Gospel would go out to Jews and Gentiles in the light of Roman 1:16, and each church would work together to ensure that new believers would join the church body and be discipled. 

Zanzibar is considered the pearl of East Africa. It is an island off the coast of Tanzania with 97% Muslim society. It was invaded and conquered by Muslims during the Ottoman Empire. Mosques are everywhere. There are around 58 Mosques just in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Tourists from around the world flock to Zanzibar. Amazingly, even the Jewish community is found in Zanzibar. The WMO team was there to conduct a Muslim outreach with the local churches. We thank God for those saved. Today the local church is doing the follow up and discipleship. To our blessed surprise, we met Omer, a Hungarian Jew residing in Zanzibar, owner of a hotel and restaurant. After we met, Omer was touched by the love of God in the Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah. God opened his heart to understand Jeremiah 31:31 that God had given Israel a New Covenant by which Israel can be saved. The Holy Spirit opened the heart of Omer to see that The Son of God, Messiah Jesus fulfilled this New Covenant in His blood. Omer was convicted of his sins, and accepted Messiah Jesus as Lord God and Savior. He is getting follow up and discipled today in Zanzibar. God used Omer to speak to WMO to prepare the next Tanzania Jewish outreach in Zanzibar, a Muslim town. Who could imagine? No one? But God is all wise. Truly we see the power of the Gospel of Jesus is the only power that saves the human race. Thank you for your continued prayer and support to WMO to bring to the world the only Hope, the Gospel of Jesus.
May the Lord bless you and your family. We are very thankful to God for you. This was a very fruitful mission with lots of blessings. The Lord heard your prayers and answered each prayer request. All for God’s glory and honor.

Much Love and Blessings in Him,

Henry and Darlene