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May 1, 2020

Hello WMS Community,

This message we know is coming with the sun out and some anticipation of a decent Saturday weather wise - something we think we all deserve after a week of rain.

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week - we have an amazing staff that we know is really working to provide the best experiences possible during this virtual journey. We want to take a moment here to thank all of our teachers not just for their work this past month, but over the course of the school year and each of their respective careers. We have a great team at WMS. Thank you Teachers and all that support our students at WMS!

As always please reach out to us (Mr. Antholine and Mr. Relich) if there are any questions. We know that as parents, as students, and the staff at WMS this is a time where as a middle school community we need to support one another as much as we can. We are grateful and appreciative of all the time and support our community provides so that the students at WMS have the opportunity to be successful on their journey.

Yours in learning,

Bob Antholine Ryan Relich
Principal WMS Assistant Principal WMS
Upcoming Dates

May 4 - May 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 25 - No School Memorial Day

WMS Staff Message(s)
A number of our staff members were able to participate in a video for our student community! Here is our message for our students!
Earth Day Video
Thank you to students and staff that participated in the activities organized by the WMS Science Department. HERE is the Video Link .
Google & Infinite Campus
As everyone continues to support and navigate virtual learning (teachers, students, parents, and even principals) we are seeing questions about assignments in google classroom saying turned in, but parents/students getting messages about missing work.

Submitting an assignment does not mean the work is completed or that anything is done. When a student submits in google classroom teachers are working to give feedback and in some cases letting students know that clicking submit does not mean everything is complete.

'Final' grades and missing work is officially monitored in Infinite Campus. We recognize the the expressed concerns and questions from families and hope that this clears up why messages may be coming about missing work.
Weekly Learning Schedule
Below is the schedule for students and teachers throughout the week for learning. Basically the classes students have each day are outlined. Classes DO NOT engage daily, but are on a rotation.

Each Monday and Friday in Grade Level Google Connects our Student Service team will be doing a Community Connection. Classes have been given a time-frame for learning. Within that time-frame it does not mean students are 'doing' things throughout, but there may be discussions, readings, videos, etc...

All Elective Classes are being designed around an approximate 30 minute time-frame.

THERE IS NO TECH ED for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. It will be offered next year.

Student Support
If a student is not engaging please anticipate being contacted by the classroom teacher or a member of our student service team. Our first goal is to make sure that everyone is safe. Second, we want to make sure that each student has access to what they need for learning. Third, we want to support in the engagement of learning and within each class.
We are here to support if anything is needed.
What to expect from Virtual Learning?
Linked HERE is a district message for students in Grades 6-8 around what to expect as WMS transitions to Virtual Learning. If there are any additional questions don't hesitate to contact Mr. Antholine or Mr. Relich .
Office Hours
Monday through Friday teachers have scheduled Office Hours where students can interact with their teachers via email. Teachers will also be hosting Google Meets to support students in their learning - Google Meets will be scheduled with students as needed each week during the Office Hour time frames.

WMS Podcast Ideas
Mr. Antholine & Mr. Relich are looking for topics to discuss on our Podcast to stay connected with our school community. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you! Fill out this GOOGLE FORM to share your ideas with us and MAYBE it will be on our next cast!
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4 - May 8
We want to thank our teachers for their dedication to our students. We appreciate all your hard work during the school year and especially during this time of Virtual Learning.

School 'Stuff'

Student Absences: .
Please report your students absence to the school by 8:00 a.m. You may use the Absence Reporting Form or call the attendance line at 414-525-8650. .
No call and no note will result in the absence being recorded as truancy. If a student has a medical/dental appointment, we encourage you to provide an excuse from the provider.

Appointments/Planned Absences
If your student has an appointment, special event, leaving early, etc. Please contact the office prior to the event so we can have your student waiting for you in the office. You may use the Absence Reporting Form or call the attendance line at 414-525-8650. . If the student will be gone more than two days, please utilize the Planned Absence Form

Pick Up & Drop Off Information
As shared previously - busing and car drop-off/pick-up have been adjusted to decrease congestion near the Edgerton intersection where many students cross. While it may take some time to adjust we appreciate your patience with us and one another.

The map attached HERE shows an aerial view of the drop off.


Kelly Peters- President
Kerri Bomberg - Vice President
Jennifer Radke - Secretary
Rebecca Freek - Treasurer
Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome and we're always looking for new faces. You can send us a message at 
We also encourage you to like our Whitnall Middle School PTO Facebook page.

WMS Leadership
Please use the following information to determine whom to contact for different questions. If you have any questions on how to direct you call/questions please contact Ms. Dawn Jones, WMS Secretary at 414-525-8660.

Bob Antholine Principal
@Antholine (twitter)

Ryan Relich Assistant Principal

Building Daily Operations and Events/Teaching and Learning
Primary Contact: Bob Antholine Email

Student Attendance and Behavior
Primary Contact: Mr. Ryan Relich Email

School Counselor
James Gableman

School Psychologist
Nicole Lussier

School Social Worker
Courtney Fleishmann
Important Links and Resources
Whitnall Employment Opportunities
Did you know that you can find employment opportunities at Whitnall through WECAN and daily substitute opportunities through Teachers On Call ? Consider taking a look at what's available!
 (Athletic Coach, Custodian, Food Service, Kitchen Worker, Noon Hour Supervisor, Paraprofessional)
 (Educators and Paraprofessionals)
 (Educators/DPI Licensed Positions)
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