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Leader Development Days are coming up in ALL of our Districts! Plan to participate to get resources for your local unit leadership! Information about these district events can be found in the fourth quarter district newsletters on our website and on the Leader Development Days page of our website.

Leader Development Day Schedule:

  • Appalachian - November 5 (In-person)
  • Blue Ridge - October 29 (Via Zoom - Registration for Zoom)
  • Catawba Valley - November 6 (Via Zoom - Registration for Zoom)
  • Metro - November 6 (Via Zoom - Registration for Zoom)
  • Northern Piedmont - November 6 (In-person)
  • Smoky Mountain - November 19 (In-person)
  • Uwharrie - November 19 (In-person)
  • Yadkin Valley - November 5 (In-person)
News from United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith CEO Harriett Jane Olson to Retire in Spring 2023 | United Women in Faith

NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2022-United Women in Faith General Secretary and CEO Harriett Jane Olson announced her planned retirement in the spring of 2023 in a closed session of the board's annual meeting, held virtually Oct. 7-8.

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Voices from the Field: Update from Ukraine | United Women in Faith

Join our special guests Tuesday, October 25, at 12 noon U.S. Eastern Time / 6 p.m. Eastern European Time. Over 6 months since the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine, fighting continues and women, children, and civilians are bombed and killed every day.

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Western North Carolina Conference News

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United Methodist Church News

Ukraine a top priority for Global Ministries

The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries' fall board meeting was held virtually Oct. 18-21. The United Methodist Committee on Relief has approved more than $17 million so far to help the people of Ukraine cope with the invasion by Russia, and more aid is on the way.

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Western North Carolina Conference Resources:

The Continuing UMC


#BeUMC Video Testimonials

Council of Bishops:

A Narrative for the Continuing United Methodist Church

What does the UMC Believe?

Did you know that The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church has a section called Doctrinal Standards and Our Theological Task that describes the core of who United Methodists are and what United Methodists believe?

It begins...


United Methodists profess the historic Christian faith in God, incarnate in Jesus Christ for our salvation and ever at work in human history in the Holy Spirit. Living in a covenant of grace under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we participate in the first fruits of God’s coming reign and pray in hope for its full realization on earth as in heaven.

Our heritage in doctrine and our present theological task focus upon a renewed grasp of the sovereignty of God and of God’s love in Christ amid the continuing crises of human existence.

Take some time, and read Our Doctrinal Standards and Our Theological Task. The United Methodist Church doctrinal standards are clear and have not changed.

Is The UMC Really...? (Part 5)

At Ask The UMC, we have been answering an increasing number of questions from congregations wondering about the future of The United Methodist Church and whether they should consider disaffiliating from it. Some of these questions reflect widespread misperceptions or misinformation that some congregations are receiving as they discern their next steps.

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What Will be YOUR Legacy?
The Legacy Endowment Fund
United Women in Faith
As a permanently invested endowment, the Legacy Fund will be an ongoing source of income, providing the assurance that our important work can always continue.

Giving to the Legacy Fund will support United Women in Faith in perpetuity. That’s why gifts to the endowment fund are such a vital way to sustain and grow our capacity to serve and advocate.

Thank you for your support of The Legacy Endowment Fund!
we are building
our legacy.
United Women in Faith
Embroidered Logo Apparel Available
Would you like a shirt that has the new United Women in Faith logo on it?

We have added the United Women in Faith logo to our existing custom store through Queensboro Shirt Company, a specialty embroidery company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our experience with them is first class quality and service. They have a wide variety of apparel and other items.
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