Missions Update
August 7, 2020

Church Planting a Viable Investment ?
YES!.. TWENTY NINE new church's have been planted in Wisconsin & Northern Michigan in recent years. Many are reinvesting 10% of their Sunday tithes & offerings into more churches being planted, and more U.S. and World Missionaries being supported, so that even more churches can be planted and even more U.S and World Missionaries are being sent out to start even more churches and support even more U.S and World Missionaries, so that.... well, you get the point!

Church Planting IS a viable investment of our Missions's dollars!

71 of our churches in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Ministries Network give to Church Planting on a monthly basis. 
Please consider supporting our efforts to plant more churches within our Network by giving monthly so that we can plant even more churches (one church for every 10,000), and send out even more U.S. Missionaries (America is the third largest Mission field in the world), and more Missionaries throughout the world because lost people who haven't heard, are headed toward a Christ-less eternity!

SO. what do you think? Is church planting a viable investment of our Missions's dollars?

Please let me know if God is speaking to you!
Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director