Missions Update
June 26, 2020
New Missions Department Website

We hope you will find the new website fast, easy to navigate and delivering the information that you seek. Please let us know what you think by using our contact form when you visit our website.

Foreign Missions Operating Board

The FMOB serves an important role within our network. In addition to meeting several times each year to talk missions vision and strategy, they assist in interviewing new potential candidates for world missions. Every new applicant is required to interview with the FMOB before continuing the application process with Assemblies of God World Missions in Springfield, MO.
The following serve on the board, each representing the network section where they are called to serve in full time ministry.

Joe Dokken - Section 1
Eric Jackson - Section 2
Mike & Nikki Murray - Section 3
David Thomassen - Section 4
Jerauld Rekow - Section 5
Cliff Cameron - Section 6
Kirk Gerbers - Section 7
Shawn Hardie - Section 8
Jared Furnish - Section 9
Lisa Larsen - Section 10
Tom Murray - Section 11

Hungarian Fire Bible Project - Light For The Lost
The financial goal for this project is to raise $100,000 by August of this year.. Presently $91,443 has been raised.
Director - Dan Remus - Light for The Lost
Ethnic Ministry Team

I'm pleased to announce that the newly formed Ethnic Ministry team is up and running. I had the privilege of meeting with this team this past week, and believe more than ever that the Holy Spirit is giving clear direction. Again, those serving on the Ethnic Ministry team are:

Dan Winkelman - Ethnic Ministries Liason
Diane De La Santos - Advisor
Walter Harvey - African American
John Moses Timothy - Asian
Lucas & Loles Bressan - Hispanic
Nengdua Vang - Hmong
Lonnie Johnson - Native American

More information can be found on our website.
Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director