Missions Update
July 31, 2020
It is great to be back in the United States. I look forward to sharing all that God has been doing in the DRCongo. Co-vid19 has created uncertainty in many parts of the world, but God is faithful. Schools & churches have been closed in the DRCongo since the beginning of April. It has been announced that schools will reopen on August 3rd and churches will be allowed to hold services again on Aug.15th. Please pray for our brothers and sisters, as they have been unable to worship together for more than four months. Oh how I would love to be there on their first Sunday back. God is doing a work in our Bible schools and seminaries. Training men and women is helping to advance the Gospel in the DRC. Before classes were closed, we had over 100 students in our three campuses. Men and women in various walks of life (lawyers, doctors, judges, etc.) have decided to be trained to help the church grow and be used by God. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. I am currently scheduling services, small groups, and church events through August 2021. I can be reached by phone 651.263.3672 or email.

Gloria Biffert
A/G Missionary to the Democratic Republic of Congo
Training Teachers.Transforming Generations.

Contact Gloria at;
AGWM Acct. # 276055

With Andy Raatz, Pastor Dan Smith & Missionary Bryan Webb