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Bee suits and bee products from Sweet Progress will be available at the W/NP Meeting March 30th and the WI Lakes Conference April 10-12 , Stevens Point
Thanks to all who have donated sewing machines, being well used!
Excellent quality bee keeping suits
Lip balm, lotions and cremes are just a few items made from the byproducts of the bee colonies.
Please note:
Warehouse Packing Day, normally the 3rd Thursday of each month, will be the 4th Thursday March 28 as we welcome Maria from Nicaragua to join in the fun!
New glasses!
710 screened for glasses
Milo on his 19th eyeglass trip to Nicaragua!
Bikes being used at the WNP Learning Centers and Libraries
Awaiting shipment from WI
EMS on Wheels - stay tuned for full story on the SPIN bicycles
Air compressor from the Whitehall Fire Department, now at the Las Colinas Fire Station in Nicaragua.

Thanks to all the Fire Departments in Wisconsin and Nicaragua for working together and sharing equipment!
Today we remember Sherin, who left us 10 years ago.

An assortment of W/NP photos with Sherin Click here
Sherin was a great teacher of knitting and set the foundation for many other W/NP programs as well
Rosa teaching knitting at the W/NP office in Managua this week. "I still miss my great teacher, the woman who changed my life and left a great legacy" Rosa
KWIK TRIP - the Milk Moola program is being discontinued, thanks to everyone who has been saving the milk tops, everything helps! Last day to turn tops into W/NP is March 28 - please send to office or bring to warehouse packing day.

Kwik Trip gas cards and designating W/NP to receive your Kwik Trip Rewards are other ongoing fundraising options that are super helpful. Thank you!
PLEASE NOTE: Cafe at The Rose House in Stevens Point, is CANCELED this FRIDAY.
Cafe will resume again on
March 29

Fridays between 7 and 11 am, enjoy delicious Nicaraguan coffee and pastries including scones, croissants, turnovers, cinnamon rolls and more!
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