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February 2015
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World of Concrete 2015

Thank you for spending time with us at the World of Concrete show.  We've been exhibiting at WOC for the past 7 years, but this year was by far our most successful WOC show ever.  We cannot thank you enough for your suggestions, orders and feedback.  


Our Sales Department and International Dealers will be forwarding quotes and/or responses to specific requests that you made to us during the show in the next week.  If your request is more urgent, please let us know and we'll respond accordingly.


For those of you that ordered one of our ScreedSaver machines, thank you.  We'll be shipping your machine in the next couple of weeks as we finalize your order details.


If you've not yet made your final decision, we appreciate your ongoing consideration and stand ready to support your decision process to the best of our ability.    


While we enjoyed demonstrating the ScreedSaver in sand, as you know this rugged machine was designed for world class concrete screeding.  As a follow-up to our meeting in Las Vegas we are attaching links to several of our historical video's that will clearly show the superior strength, accuracy and performance of our boom operated laser screed machines. 


Thank you again for your time and consideration. 


Best Regards

Gary Ligman


Ligchine/Topcon 3D GPS mm concrete paving system - highlight of the show 

3D screeding 2 

Not surprisingly, the introduction of our GPS satellite guided 3D system for contoured concrete paving generated an amazing amount of interest at this years WOC show. 

Ligchine International has partnered with Topcon Positioning Systems to offer you the world's most advanced GPS/Laser controlled 3D screeding system.  The combination of Ligchine's "Boom operated ScreedSaver machines" with Topcon's "Millimeter GPS/Laser system" guarantee you amazing ease of use; significant labor savings; high volume production; complete interchangeability among your fleet of equipment; and world class accuracy for 3D contour concrete placement.


Click here to view the Ligchine "3D GPS " system pave a parking lot at a Dollar General store 


Boom Screeds vs. Drive in Screeds Compare BEFORE you Buy 

Boom vs Drive in

There are basically two types of screed machines in the world: 


      Boom Operated machines


  Ride In the Concrete machines. 


The advantages of a Boom Screed over a Drive in Screed is considerable when comparing Quality of finish, Integrity of steel, Production speeds and Safety.  


Ligchine has prepared an animation video that will demonstrate some of the machine differences so you can make an informed buying decision before spending your hard earned money. 


Click here to watch the "Boom vs Drive in" Animation Video


Customer screeds 75,000 sq ft (7,000m2) in

first 2 days of ownership


75,000 sq foot pour

Tru Concrete Solutions in Michigan took delivery of their ScreedSaver MAX machine on a Friday morning. 


By Saturday night they had placed 1,400 yards of concrete to complete a 75,000 square foot agricultural storage pit slab.



Customer compares his ScreedSaver machine to his Someroequipment



Nate Limoges testimonial

Click here

to view video

Nate Limoges looks at his bottom line in terms of man hours and F numbers when comparing his ScreedSaver MAX™ machine to his Somero� equipment. 


Nate is the owner of Limoges Construction in Sioux Falls, SD has been in the concrete business for 17 years. 


Nate's company places in excess of 30,000 yards of concrete annually and he speaks with authority when he compares his ScreedSaver MAX™ machine to previously owned Somero� equipment. 


About Ligchine International
The ScreedSaver was invented in 2006 by a concrete guy, like yourself, who understood the importance of being able to offer high quality floors to satisfy his ever increasing customer demands.  However, like most flat work contractors, he couldn't afford a $350,000 ride on laser screed machine. 



Faced with the reality of losing the very customers and jobs that had created his success, he looked for an alternative. After demos of lower cost "drive in the concrete" type screeding machines proved disappointing, the ScreedSaver was born.  


A  fresh look at the concept of laser leveling, the ScreedSaver integrates wireless technology with rugged construction.   We understand that you need a machine that is reliable, powerful, durable, accurate, safe and affordable. 


The ScreedSaver will reduce your labor costs, improve your quality, expand your business and grow your profits.
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