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  Bree Collaborative Public Comment Request: Recommendations on Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care

Your feedback is requested on the Bree Collaborative’s latest draft report and recommendations for Behavioral Health Integration. Please read the documents and take our survey here: The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Comments must be received by 5pm on Friday, February 24th. 

Summary of Recommendations 

Mental illness and substance use disorders, together called behavioral health, are common and often go untreated due to stigma, lack of screening, and lack of access to appropriate care. Integrating behavioral health care into primary care, and primary care into behavioral health care has been proposed as a solution, but integration has been variable and inconsistent. The Bree Collaborative elected to address this topic and convened a workgroup to develop recommendations focusing on common elements across different integrated models including the following minimum standards: 

* Integrated Care Team 

* Patient Access to Behavioral Health as a Routine Part of Care 

* Accessibility and Sharing of Patient Information 

* Practice Access to Psychiatry Services 

* Operational Systems and Workflows to Support Population-Based Care 

* Evidence-Based Treatments 

* Patient Involvement in Care 

* Data for Quality Improvement 

About This Public Comment Process 

* The Behavioral Health Integration workgroup reviews and uses public comments to develop the report submitted to the Bree Collaborative for adoption. * The final report is submitted to the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA). This state agency oversees Washington’s largest health care purchasers - Medicaid and the Public Employees Benefits Board Program (PEB). 

* Collaborative recommendations guide state purchasing policies for these programs. 

* The Collaborative also works to promote implementation of the recommendations across Washington State

VoterVoice Legislative Alerts

To keep our members engaged in what the legislature is considering that can affect their practice, WOMA is using the VoterVoice email alert system. When an important piece of legislation is coming up for a vote, you may receive an email asking you to contact your Senator and/or Representatives to vote for or against it. The notice will provide a pre-written note that you can personalize and in two clicks the message is on its way by email to your legislators. We know you don’t have a lot of time to get involved in the legislative process, but not getting involved results in legislation that can impede your practice and make unnecessary demands on your time. Please take a couple of minutes to respond when you get an alert.

Bill Watch

For a list of bills that WOMA is monitoring, go to :

If you have questions, email

Addiction Medicine/Buprenorphine Course in March

The 19th annual Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine course will take place on March 2nd and 3rd, 2017 at the Tulalip conference center.  The program includes a 4-part series on peri-natal issues designed to assist OB, newborn care, and primary care.  As part of the course, there is a four-part series on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) primarily for opioid problems.  

A separate buprenorphine training course for physicians will satisfy requirements to get a DEA waiver for buprenorphine prescribing.  If a physician only wants to attend the buprenorphine training course and not the addiction med conference, there is no charge for the buprenorphine training course.    For more information, go to

(This is not an AOA-accredited program.)    Questions?  Call the medical education folks at 425-261-3690.   

Healthcare Practitioners Can Now Access State Medical Marijuana Database

The Cannabis Patient Protection Act (SSB 5052) went into full effect on July 1, 2016, and with it the Medical Marijuana Authorization Database was launched. The Department of Health (DOH) continues to work with the database administrators to complete all essential functions, with healthcare practitioner access being the most recent completion. 

The laws and rules allow authorizing practitioners and those who prescribe or dispense controlled substances to access patient information in the database. Non-authorizing healthcare practitioners who can prescribe controlled substances may access their patients’ health care information for providing medical care. In addition, pharmacists may access the database for pharmaceutical care. Controlled substance prescribers must have a valid DOH license and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number, and pharmacists must have only a valid DOH license for this access.

Learn more about the medical marijuana laws and rules at and/or contact the Washington State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program, 360-236-4819, to receive a step-by-step guide to accessing the database.

104th Annual NW Osteopathic Convention
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