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4104 [PHOTO ALBUMS] [HEALTH] [INDIA] [BANGLADESH] Health Relief Photo Albums; Dr. Lois H. Visscher.
1972-1974. Hardcover. Two Albums of photographs, most likely belonged to Dr. Louis H. Visscher (1914-2002). Visscher, born in Indianapolis and attended Mount Holyoke College and the University of Illinois at... (#4104)
Price: $525.00  
4102 The Aunt's Cook Book; Holden and Davis Aunts.
Norweb, Emery May Holden, Katharine Davis Holden Higbee (Compiled by).
Cleveland: The Lakeside Press, 1922. Hardcover. 151 pages + 26 additional & index. 21 x 16 cm. A collection of recipes attributed to a long line our Aunties from the... (#4102)
Price: $250.00  
Sobun, Emilia.
Buenos Aires: 1934. Hardcover. Oblong folio (21.6 x 36 cm.) Six unumbered pages with 13 samples (of 14). These "Lingerie" samples show intricate needlework, each about 16.5 x 16.5 cm... (#4090)
Price: $525.00  
4088 The Sexual Politics of Meat; A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory.
Adams, Carol J.
New York: Continuum, 1990. Hardcover. 256 pages. 23.5 x 16 cm. Adams provides the beginnings of a feminist history of vegetarianism. The author focuses on the time period of 1790... (#4088)
Price: $45.00  
4081 Memoirs of AN AMERICAN LADY: with sketches of MANNERS AND SCENES IN AMERICA,; AS They.
Wilson, James Grant.
Albany: Joel Munsell, 1876. Hardcover. 377 pages. 23 x 15 cm. Presentation copy from Joel Munsell to Professor Jonathan Pearson."Prof. Jonathan Pearson with the Sincear Reagards of J Munsell." Munsell... (#4081)
Price: $225.00  
Junior Class of Barnard College.
New York: The Shilling Press, Inc., 1928. Hardcover. 244 pages. 25 x 24 cm. In 1889, Barnard became the first college in New York City to offer degrees to women... (#4080)
Price: $100.00  
4077 [WOMEN] THE SPECTRUM - 1917 - AN ANNUAL; Published by THE STUDENTS of.
Milledgeville, GA: GEORGIA NORMAL AND INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE, 1917. Hardcover. Unpaginated. 27.5 x 21 cm. From the Alma Mater of Flannery O'Connor and Julia Roberts, the Georgia Normal and Industrial College... (#4077)
Price: $75.00  
4005 Virginia Cookery-Book.
Smith, Mary Stuart (Harrison).
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1885. First Edition. Hardcover. 352 pages. 19 x 13 cm. Born on the campus of the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, and educated at a.... (#4005)
Price: $425.00  
3973 [WOMEN] [LABOR] [PHOTOGRAPHY] Photos of Factory Workers.
c. 1947. 6 x 6 cm. A collection of 18 black and white photos featuring individual women at work in a factory setting. All the women are well dressed and... (#3973)
Price: $40.00  
3032 Women & Abortion; The Women's Abortion & Contraception Campaign's Evidence to the Lane Commission.
London: 1971. Staplebound. Unpaginated (22 pgs). 21 x 15 cm. WACC's reaction to the Lane Commission, which revisited the United Kingdom's Abortion Act of 1967 in an effort to restrict... (#3032)
Price: $20.00  
2669 [COMMUNITY COOKBOOK] Tuscola Cook Book.
The Ladies of First Baptist Church Aid Society (Compiled by).
Tuscola, Illinois: c. 1915. Paperback. 96 pages. 23 x 15.5 cm. Recipes attributed to members of the community with numerous local advertisements included. A full assortment of both sweet and... (#2669)
Price: $175.00  
2556 [WEST POINT] [BEER] Letter to Brother re: missing Beer; Wife of Civil War Brigadier General.
Scammon, Margaret (Stebbins).
West Point, NY: 1846. 25.5 x 19 cm. Margaret (Stebbins) Scammon writes her brother from West Point, where her husband E. Parker Scammon is an officer with the United Army... (#2556)
Price: $225.00  
2250 [CORRESPONDENCE] [HERBS] [WASHINGTON D.C.] The Cottage Herb Garden.
Drane, Florence T.
Washington DC: The National Cathedral Association, 1945. Loose_leaf. Illustrated booklet, dated Fall 1944 - 17 x 16 cm. folded, 34 x 31 cm. opened. The Cottage Herb Garden and Shop... (#2250)
Price: $75.00  
2198 [PROGRAM] [MENU] Program of the Seventy-Three Club Banquet; In Honor of Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Harris & Ewing (Photographer).
Washington DC: 1936. Staplebound. Unpaginated (8 pages). 23 x 16 cm. A charming Program celebrating Eleanor Roosevelt by the Seventy Three Club on March 25, 1936 at the Mayflower Hotel;... (#2198)
Price: $225.00  
2086 THE HOME MAGAZINE - (Supplement to The Home Magazine); Charts For The Kitchen - Volume.
Logan, Mrs. John A.
Washington DC: The Brodix Publishing Co., 1889. Wraps. 12 pages. 42 x 28 cm. This charming periodical features six sheets of cooking instructions detailing: Fish-Soup; Meat; Sauces-salads; Vegetables; Pastry; Sweets... (#2086)
Price: $125.00  

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