WOOD You Recycle?
1st Quarter 2020
Updates to the 24/7 Residential Recycling
Drop-off Program
Wood County Solid Waste Management District is working to improve the 24/7 Residential Recycling Drop-off program. During the holidays, the perfect storm of heavy winds, high volume of recyclables, contamination, and delayed pickups proved problematic at some of our drop-off sites. We are working with local communities to find creative approaches to resolve these issues. Already this year, we have placed additional bins at Pemberville, Troy Township (Luckey), Bloomdale, and Jackson Township/Hoytville. The added capacity to capture recyclables should help alleviate overflow at these sites. Additionally, we have repositioned the bins at the Village of Portage site so they will be blocked from the wind.

We have also installed “lid-locks” at the Pemberville and Custar/Milton Township sites. The “lid-lock” apparatus consists of a bar and locking mechanism, preventing the lids from blowing back, containing the recyclables, and eliminating unintentional litter. Residents can still open lids by disengaging the silver handle on the side and pulling down the bar. To view a demonstration, click here .  The anti-gravity systems allows the recycling haulers to dump materials without having to exit their trucks. If the lid locks prove successful, the District may expand installation to other sites struggling with heavy winds.
We have continued to reach out to residents and the Community Groups responsible for maintaining the sites to combat contamination and littering. As a reminder, please do not put plastic bags or film, bagged recyclables, Styrofoam or packing materials, bulky or rigid plastics, or non-listed materials inside the bin. Contamination creates hardships for the Community Groups, slows down production at the recycling facility, and hurts domestic markets that are trying to rebound. Please flatten all cardboard boxes to save room for others who want to recycle. For a list of accepted items and locations, check out our brochure . Once the bins are full, the recycling location is closed to the public until they are next serviced. Leaving materials outside of bins is considered littering. 
Thank you for helping us recycle right!
2019 Ohio EPA Market and Development Grant

Last year, Wood County Solid Waste Management sponsored Rosenboom Machine and Tool, located in Bowling Green, to apply for the Ohio EPA Market and Development Grant. This grant program allows businesses and manufacturers to apply for funding to purchase equipment that creates or expands processing capacity for recyclable materials. Rosenboom was awarded funding to purchase a baler for their paperboard rod covers. Once baled, they can be transported and recycled. On January 13, 2020, the first paperboard bale was produced and they are on track to divert over 40 tons of this material from the landfill. Congrats, Rosenboom, and thank you for your industrial recycling efforts in Wood County!
10th Annual Billboard Contest
We are excited to announce the 10 th Annual Billboard Contest. The contest is open to K through 7 th graders, homeschool students, scout groups, and 4-H participants. This year, there will be two themes and two winners. Winners will be selected from the two categories: “Know what goes in your recycling bin” for grades K - 4 th and “Keep recycling great, don’t contaminate” for grades 5 th - 7 th . Each winner will have his/her billboard design prominently displayed on a location along Route 25. For contest information and to receive the art form, contact Hannah Smith at 419-354-1515 or [email protected].  
Entries are due by Monday, March 30, 2020.
Beyond the 3 R's...
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – all great ways to lessen your impact on the planet. But there are other R’s that can help us live even more sustainably.

-     Refuse: say no to plastic straws, single-use bags, and unnecessary packaging
-     Repair: extend the life of your products by fixing them
-     Regift: someone might love that bedazzled sweater you got for your birthday
-     Rethink: consider how much waste you generate in a week and analyze simple ways to minimize it
-     Repurpose: get creative!
-     Rot: do some good for your garden by composting kitchen scraps and yard waste

FAQ - Where can I Recycle my Electronics?
We can’t imagine our lives without electronics, but what happens to them at the end of their lives? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only 12-15% of all e-waste (electronic) is recycled. Additionally, the U.S. EPA estimates that Americans disposed of 152 million mobile phones in 2010 – that’s 350,000 cellphones per day! Most electronics end up in the landfill despite containing precious metals and highly-recyclable components. In Northwest Ohio, there are several options for recycling broken, unwanted, or obsolete electronics.

- AIM Ecycling (Toledo) – Northwest Ohio’s only R2-certified electronic recycler. R2 certification ensures that all data is securely removed and 100% e-waste is diverted from the landfill. They accept e-waste from businesses, educational institutions, and the community.
  • computers and electronics
  • no TVs or CRT monitors
  • website
- Best Buy (Findlay, Holland, and Toledo) – has an extensive e-waste recycling program available at no cost
- ERG Environmental (Bowling Green) – accepts electronics and household hazardous waste
  • website
  • $.75/ lb with $20 minimum
- Perrysburg Township 24/7 Electronics Drop-off – located behind the Perrysburg Township Administrative buildings, adjacent to the 24/7 Residential Recycling Drop-off bins
  • recycled through Recycle I.T. USA
  • accepts: computers, fax machines, monitors, printers, copiers, and small electronics
  • website
- Recell One (Toledo) – electronics recycling for business and public
  • “can recycle anything that plugs in”
  • No TVs
  • website
- Staples (Bowling Green) – provides “tech trade-in” program, free electronics recycling, free rechargeable battery recycling, and ink recycling
- State Paper & Metal (Toledo) – has on-site document shredding and can recycle anything with a cord. They specialize in computers and computer parts.
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