Update/Reminders for the Permanent 24/7 Recycling Locations

The Permanent 24/7 Mixed Recycling Drop-off Locations opened on June 25 th in 10 communities throughout Wood County. Several Wood County citizens have commented favorably on the expanded recycling opportunities and availability of the recycling program. We are excited that the new locations are getting such a warm reception and have been so successful that we had to add more containers at some locations. With that said, we would like to send out a few reminders for using the new locations:

1)      If you bring recyclables to the containers in a plastic bag, please empty the recyclables from the bag. Plastic bags are not accepted at these locations, as they can tangle sorting machinery at the recycling facility. However, plastic bags can be recycled at several stores throughout Wood County. Visit our Household Recycling Guide at www.recyclewoodcounty.org for the locations to recycle plastic bags and other common household items.

2)      Only items listed on the front of the container or on this brochure are accepted. Please do not place anything not listed in or around the containers. No illegal dumping!

3)      Please remember to flatten cardboard so that it takes up less space in the container and more recyclables can be collected.

Thank you for your support of and assistance with making the new recycling locations a success!

If you have any questions, please visit our website or feel free to contact us at 419-354-9297.