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A Message from the GRSRS&EC President
Dear Golden Friends:

The Sanctuary continues to be a very busy place with admissions and adoptions proceeding at a brisk pace.

Our deepest appreciation to the Sanctuary staff for the exceptional and personalized care each Sanctuary resident receives.

Of special note is the wonderful event that involved two very bonded seniors, one of whom has cancer, but is enjoying a good quality of life at this time. The staff's goal was to place these two bonded friends together in a loving forever home.

Using all of DVGRR's resources and under the loving and protective guidance of Heather Hyatt, the person in charge of the Sanctuary, a special home was found and these two "sisters" One a Senior Black Labrador Nicki and One a Senior Golden Aggie went to a special forever home this week to receive love, hospice care for Nicki and many hugs and kisses from their new family. What a wonderful outcome!
Your continuous support of the GRSRS&EC in so many ways helps to make these happy endings possible throughout each month and we Thank You.

When the GRSRS&EC Program was first started we introduced a program called Be A Virtual Adopter with a monthly program pledge of $25. As we busily expanded the program support of the Sanctuary we paused to review this program and have decided to make it more comprehensive in the hope that more people will decide to participate in this new funding program called  "Symbolically Adopt a Golden Oldies Sanctuary Resident."
  1. Notify us of a monthly pledge of $25 for this program. You may use Pay Pal or your own Credit Card from our site.
  2. A Picture and Story of a monthly selected Golden Oldies Resident who symbolically stands for the help you are providing each month will be posted in each monthly Golden Oldies Gazette.
  3. Once you enroll in this program you will receive a special Arora Stuffed Golden Retriever with a Thank You Bandana that you can place on your desk, computer, bedside table or anywhere you wish and it will continuously reaffirm to you how important your monthly donation is.
  4. People who already have made monthly pledges will be included in this program starting May 1st.
Please consider making a personal pledge or give a 6 month or 1 year pledge present to the special people in your life for events in their lives such as Birthdays, Graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day Holidays or any wonderful event in their lives. A card will be sent to them telling them of your gift.
Monthly donations are the backbone of our funding program. If possible please participate and help us help our beloved Golden Oldies.  Thank You!

Have a great week from everyone at GRSRS&EC!
Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder
Year -round severe weather, plus recent multiple below freezing temper
ature days and significant snow storms with gale force winds have made it clear that an Emergency Generator is not a luxury but a necessity  for the GRSRS&EC supported Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Golden Retrievers and Puppy Mill Survivors, plus the abutting Isolation Unit. Residents of these two facilities are truly the most vulnerable of the rescue program's residents.

Sky's Helpful Tips 
& Tails for April
Meet Sky Puglia! Our new helpful tips and tails editor.
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April's Tip: Keeping Your Dog Calm

When my 10 plus year old Golden Tessa was recovering from cancer surgery and due to amputation of toes and skin graft issues, she needed to be kept quite and could no longer do her most favorite thing in the world... playing soccer in the play yard all day long with her special orange ball. I needed to find a way to help her relax without medications.

(photo by Through a Dogs's Ear CDs)

I started using the Through a Dog's Ear CDs  and was truly surprised at how well they worked in making her more comfortable, less anxious and willing to stay fairly quiet.

The web site is There are many types of music available and there is also a special one designed specifically to comfort dogs in their senior years with the addition of highly specific frequency modulation. It is the first therapeutic sound program designed for mature dogs and their unique hearing and emotional needs.

Some dogs showing older dog syndrome behaviors which may present with restlessness, not sleeping at night, lack of responsiveness and other behavioral symptoms have been reported to respond to this music therapy in a very positive way.
(photo by iCalm Dog)

Another product called iCalm Dog, is a portable, easy to use player pre-loaded with 4 hours of clinical music and can be used anywhere such as in cars and other places that your senior may accompany you for visits.

You can find iCalm Dog at  Scroll down on this site and read the many uses for this product in helping dogs and cats of all ages and in all situations of stress.  


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