SXS Classes and Rule Adjustments

WORCS will be offering 9 National Championship SXS classes to suit any type of vehicle. In the adult classes the Unlimited class will now be a national championship class for the 2015 season. The introduction of the Pro Stock Class this will provide a true race it on Saturday buy it on Monday class. 

The following are the 2015 WORCS SXS National Championship Classes


1. Unlimited (Turbo cars allowed)
2. Pro Production 1000
3. Pro Stock 1000
4. Production 1000
5. Production 1000 Stock
6. Production 850
7. Production 700
8. Production 600 (single or 2 seats)
9. Powder Puff (First race is Rnd 2)


1. Production 600 (13-16 years)
2. Production 600 Stock (13-16 years)
3. Production SS (single seat) 600 (13-16 years)
4. Production SS (single seat) 400
5. Production 200 (6-12 years)
6. Stock Production 200 (6-12 years)


The rules changes and additions are as follows:

Production Stock. All production safety rules apply. No motor modifications may be done. All engine components are to remain OEM and within OEM tolerances. The following exceptions are allowed. Clutch system to include belt and anything within the clutch assembly, Exhaust system, fuel control computer, air filter element.

Turbo's will only be allowed in the unlimited class.

The Unlimited, Pro and 1000 classes and will be staged at rnd 1  based off Friday afternoon practice qualifier times. At all other rounds the same classes will be staged by points with row 1 drawing for position out of the hat at drivers meeting. Failure to draw will result in last staging position on row 1. All other classes will be random at round 1 and points at all subsequent rounds.

Checkered flag will be thrown on the leader of the event for all multiple line races.



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