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Spring Digging Safety Tips
Spring is here, which means it's time to dig in the ground! If the earth banks aren't braced or a trench-box isn't used, a worker entering the trench will be putting him/herself at great risk. To this day, construction workers are still getting trapped in trenches, many times being buried completely by collapsing sidewalls. If buried completely, the rescue effort becomes a retrieval effort.
Here are a few of the most important points that every worker and supervisor must know when an excavation/trench is dug:

  • If the depth is 5’ or greater, protective measures must be implemented. Starting at 4’ depth, a safe way out must be provided either by a ramp or a ladder.
  • A “competent person” must be on hand at the initial dig to determine the type of soil being excavated. The "competent person" then determines the type of protective system that will be used (trench-box, sloping, shoring).
  • All excavations/trenches deeper than 20’ must have a registered engineer determine the method to keep the walls in place.
  • The “competent person” must inspect the trench daily before allowing any workers to enter. They need to inspect for fissures in the wall, water accumulation in the bottom, as well as if the air in the trench is safe to breathe.
  • Keep the spoils pile at least 2’ away from the edge, and be aware of the number and size of vehicles that drive by the trench.

Education on excavating is vital. If your crews need excavation training or superintendents need instruction on how to manage a sub who’s creating the excavation, don't hesitate to contact one of our safety professionals.
What OSHA is Saying
With the increase in respiratory protection use caused by the new Silica Dust rules, OSHA is encouraging employers to revisit its Directive CPL 02-00-158 Inspection Procedures for the Respiratory Protection Standard that was published in June of 2014. This Instruction establishes agency interpretations and enforcement policies, and provides instructions to ensure uniform enforcement of the Respiratory Protection Standard, 29 CFR 1910.134.
Some of its major points are:

  • Determine what engineering controls are in place and what work practices have been instituted, in order to effectively reduce exposure. Issuing respirators to affected workers is NOT enough.
  • Has the employer issued respirators that properly protect affected workers?
  • Has the employer developed a written respiratory protection program?

The complete Directive can be found here .

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