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Time to Set Goals!
January is a great time to set safety goals for the next 12 months. Of course the ultimate goal is to prevent job site injuries and illnesses, but that is way too broad of a goal. What needs to be focused on is how to get there. A review of the types of injuries that have occurred over the past couple of years is a good place to start. Did you have a lot of hand injuries? Then a glove policy should be considered. Falls of various types? Take a look at your ladder use or fall protection training. Break it down even further by implementing procedures that must take place before a particular task is begun. Hold someone accountable for doing this. Making sure these things happen on each job site should be able to be measured so at the end of the year management has something solid to determine if actions were regularly implemented. With that, the year–end employee review has something to discuss.

If you need assistance in setting your company goals, contact one of the CSSI safety consultants.
OSHA Says:
The latest statistics on injuries, illnesses, and citations for Iowa OSHA’s year beginning October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2018 are available. Some of the important ones are:

  • 85 Citations issued in Iowa for Non-residential Building Construction
  • 33 inspections conducted
  • 10 Citations for Scaffold General Requirements, $13,377, 5 inspections
  • 8 Citations for failure in Duty to have fall protection, $11,600, 8 inspections
  • 6 Citations for Aerial lifts, $8,061, 6 inspections
  • 5 for General Safety and Health Provisions, $11,925, 5 inspections
  • 5 for Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practice, $7,362, 4 inspections
  • 2 for Safety Training and Education in Structural Steel, $14,227, 2 inspections
  • 2 for Safety Training and Education in general, $14,227, 2 inspections
  • 2 for Ladders, $8,037, 2 inspections
  • 1 for Training Requirements for Ladders, $7,483, 1 inspection

The full list can be found here . This list indicates that there is an emphasis being placed on training. 

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