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Safety Conference
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As a result of gathering restrictions and social distancing requirements brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Master Builders of Iowa has restructured the Annual Winter Conference from our standard format. This included removing Safety Day that is typically held on Wednesday of the conference.
The good news is that MBI in cooperation with our preferred safety provider Construction Safety Specialists Inc. (CSSI) has developed a 1-day conference dedicated entirely to safety training, safety leadership development, and safety recognition…MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!
January 25, 2021 | 7:00am – 4:45pm
Holiday Inn Airport – Des Moines
This conference will provide you with everything that you are used to enjoying at the winter conference including top notch safety and safety leadership sessions, awards breakfast, industry related vendors, and a buffet lunch!! Lastly, this event will feature Dr. Todd Dewett who will deliver a keynote titled Show Your Ink: Unleashing the Power of Authenticity at the Safety Awards Breakfast. Dr. Dewett will challenge you to be more real, more honest, more credible, and More Human!! 
We encourage you to attend this safety conference and use this event as a opportunity to gather your team for a day of safety training to help get everyone on the same page regarding some of the most critical safety topics in our industry.
If you have questions or need additional information, contact Tom Fulcher at TFulcher@MBI.Build
or (515) 657-4395.
Eye & Face Protection

General Information
Protecting the eyes and face from hazards is extremely important considering all of the organs and soft tissue in the area. For example, a projectile to the eye not only damages the eye, but potentially the ligaments and muscles that move it, and in some cases the brain. Furthermore, lacerations to the face can damage muscle tissue and leave life-long scars.
Serious injuries can occur very quickly and it is important to choose the proper Personal Protective Equipment for the task. Always make sure PPE is properly rated for the job, fits properly, and doesn’t obstruct view.
Causes of Eye and Face injuries
  • Splashes from acids, cleaning solutions and other harmful liquid chemicals
  • Flying debris, chips and dust from grinding and windy conditions
  • Flying projectiles from objects colliding, falling or being dumped
  • Loose straps, cords or banding that breaks or snaps under extreme tension
  • Extreme heat and light from exposed flames, welding or torches
Types of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety goggles: Enclose the whole area around the eyes to help prevent debris when sanding or blowing dirt and debris
  • Safety glasses and side shields: Provide some protection against airborne particles and projectiles and are made of impact resistant material
  • Weld masks, dark shields and torch glasses can help protect the eyes and face from flash burns and over-exposure to light
  • Grinding shields can help protect from grinding debris, flying projectiles and chemical splashes
Brandon Black - (515) 577-5198 or Brandon@IowaCSSI.com 
Michael Messer - (319) 572-3595 or Michael@IowaCSSI.com
Mark Wieland - (515) 577-7622 or Mark@IowaCSSI.com
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WORKSAFE is a partnership between Master Builders of Iowa and Iowa OSHA, with safety services provided by Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. For more information on the WORKSAFE program or for safety inquiries, please contact one of the CSSI safety professionals at info@iowacssi.com

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