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Talk Safety with Coworkers
What’s the most effective measure to prevent worker injuries? Many say “communication is the key”, others say adherence to the rules. WORKSAFE agrees with “communication” because it includes rule adherence. Communication can take many forms: tool-box talks, daily huddles on what’s happening that day, job hazard analysis, and formalized training. One of the most effective ways of communication is when one worker speaks with another about safety measures. Personal contact with co-workers has more meaning than any of the other methods.

Rules for working safely are typically developed after someone has been injured from performing a task in a certain way. The thinking is, that the way the task was performed must not have been adequate, or the injury wouldn’t have occurred. More precautions (rules) must be taken (implemented) so the next person performing a similar task is not injured. The more accidents happen, typically the more the rules are stacked on top of each other.

If workers take the time to think through a task, taking into consideration tools to be used, body position, lighting, temperature, etc., they can forecast how an injury may occur and adjust how the task will be accomplished. Depending on the task this thinking (planning) may need to occur hours, even days before the task is begun so training can be conducted or equipment can be obtained.

If construction work is how you obtain a paycheck each week, then it’s wise to always plan how you can accomplish the work safely so you can continue to receive that paycheck.
What OSHA is Saying
Federal OSHA has proposed changes to the Crane & Derrick rules . On May 18th, OSHA published a change to the categories of operator certification which was part of the original rule changes in 2010 but never went into effect. The proposal is seeking public comments until June 20th that removes the requirement that operator certification must be categorized by crane capacity. Comments on the proposed rule may be submitted electronically at http://www.regulations.gov . Barring an abundance of negative comments, the rule is expected to go into effect on November 10th, 2018.
First WORKSAFE Gold Project
The Hansen Company (Johnston, IA) is partnering with Iowa OSHA Consultation and Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. (CSSI) to be the first contractor to enroll its project in the new WORKSAFE “Gold” Program. The newly formed WORKSAFE “Gold” Program will be utilized on the Mid-American Energy Dallas County Service Center. To date, this will be the first project in the state of Iowa to execute the “Gold-Tier” threshold within the WORKSAFE program.

The Hansen Company personnel made the decision to voluntarily utilize the WORKSAFE Gold Program due to the client’s stringent safety requirements and expectations. The Gold Program is different from the traditional WORKSAFE program in that it entails the most detailed compliment of services and requirements including more site visits by CSSI and Iowa OSHA personnel including four unannounced visits. The Gold program is also unique in that it engages a broader coalition of participants from the jobsite including subcontractors and vendors, as well as additional training and daily “stretch and flex” sessions to promote health and wellness as well as to prevent injury.

Brandon Black - (515) 577-5198 or  Brandon@IowaCSSI.com  
Tom Suckow - (515) 250-0773 or  Tom@IowaCSSI.com

New WORKSAFE Projects:
PROJECT:  Union Drive Community Center - Clyde's Dining Renovation
CONTRACTOR:  The Wilson Group lnc. - Greenwood, MO

PROJECT:  Pathways Behavioral Services Detox Addition
CONTRACTOR:  Cardinal Construction, Inc. - Waterloo, IA

PROJECT:  Parking Lot 96 - Expansion
CONTRACTOR : MPS Engineers - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Kirkwood Community College
CONTRACTOR:  Conlon Construction Co. - Dubuque, IA

PROJECT:  U of I Kinnick Stadium and Paul W. Brechler Press Box 2018 Structure Maintenance
CONTRACTOR:  Innovative Masonry Restoration, LLC - Prior Lake, MN
PROJECT:  WDMCSD - Vestibule Renovations - Crestview
CONTRACTOR: Dean Snyder Construction - Ankeny, IA

PROJECT:  Currier Residence Hall - Renovate MPR, Study & Reception Area
CONTRACTOR:  McComas-Lacina Construction Co. LC - Iowa City, IA

PROJECT:  Crestwood Ridge Common Bond
CONTRACTOR:  Knutson Construction Services, Inc. - Iowa City, IA

PROJECT:  Barton-Lyon Freeman Roof Replacements
CONTRACTOR:  Schwickert's Tecta America - Mankato, MN

PROJECT:  A-5 Capitol Complex - Window Work
CONTRACTOR:  Renaissance Restoration, Inc. - Galena, IL

PROJECT:  Helena Industries
CONTRACTOR:  The Hansen Company, Inc. - Johnston, IA

CONTRACTOR: Koester Construction Co., Inc. - Grimes, IA

PROJECT:  Graham Broadway Warehouse II
CONTRACTOR:  Graham Construction Co. - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Utilities Distribution System Sump Pump & Ventilation Improvements to Arts Campus Tunnels
CONTRACTOR:  Carl A. Nelson & Company - Burlington, IA

PROJECT:  WDMCSD - Vestibule Renovations - Crossroads Park
CONTRACTOR: Dean Snyder Construction - Ankeny, IA

WORKSAFE is a partnership between Master Builders of Iowa and Iowa OSHA, with safety services provided by Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. For more information on the WORKSAFE program or for safety inquiries, please contact Tom Suckow at 515-657-4384 or  Tom@IowaCSSI.com

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