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Avoid the fine, use CSSI.
OSHA has increased the fines to employers who violate their regulations. Recently in Iowa, a contractor received a $7,500 fine for not having the foot/boot on one leg of a step-ladder. OSHA did change the severity from Serious to Other-than-Serious but would not budge on the fine.

This reaffirms the need for daily inspections, a missing ground pin on a tool could cost $7,500 to repair.
Employers need to train employees what to look for and insist that damaged equipment should never be used until repaired. Just setting the item to the side is not enough, it must be made clear that it should not be used by either disabling or tagging it.

If your employees need training, CSSI is there to do so. If you want a jobsite inspected, you can enroll it in WORKSAFE for a lot less than $7,500! CSSI’s safety professionals are available to help you avoid an OSHA fine.
What OSHA is Saying
Are you ready for national Safety Week starting on May 7th? OSHA, along with numerous contractors, is promoting a week-long event to emphasize fall prevention on construction sites.

Participate by hosting a safety stand-down! The idea of a “stand-down” is to stop work at a site for training or demonstrations and have a discussion on the importance of preventing falls from elevation, which has been the leading cause of construction worker deaths for many years. Be part of the national movement! 

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New WORKSAFE Projects:
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CONTRACTOR:  Graham Construction Co. - Cedar Rapids, IA

PROJECT:  Memorial Union - Dining Services Central Space Remodel
CONTRACTOR:  ASI Contracting - Emmetsburg, IA

PROJECT:  Medical Laboratories - Renovate Laboratory Suites 1020 and 1040
CONTRACTOR:  City Construction - Iowa City, IA

PROJECT:  Richardson Court Residence Halls - Bathroom Remodel - Phase 2
CONTRACTOR: ASI Contacting - Emmetsburg, IA

GOLD PROJECT:  Mid-American Energy: Dallas County Service Center
CONTRACTOR:  The Hansen Company, Inc. - Johnston, IA

PROJECT:  UNI Schindler East Plaza Renovation
CONTRACTOR:  Woodruff Construction, LLC - Waterloo, IA
PROJECT:  Buckeye Corrugated Inc.
CONTRACTOR:  Peters Construction Corporation - Waterloo, IA

PROJECT:  Parks Library Restroom Renovation
CONTRACTOR:  OLP Construction, LLC - Urbandale, IA

PROJECT:  Des Moines Community Playhouse - Act II
CONTRACTOR:  Ball Team, LLC - Urbandale, IA

PROJECT:  Pedestrian Mall Improvements - City of Iowa City
CONTRACTOR:  Portzen Construction Inc. - Dubuque, IA

PROJECT:  Fareway - Ames
CONTRACTOR:  Dean Snyder Construction - Ankeny, IA

PROJECT:  Fareway - Cedar Falls
CONTRACTOR:  Dean Snyder Construction - Ankeny, IA

PROJECT:  Westdale Apartments
CONTRACTOR:  TWG Construction, LLC - Des Moines, IA
PROJECT:  District at 6th Apartments
CONTRACTOR:  TWG Construction, LLC - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Kingston Family Apartments
CONTRACTOR: TWG Construction, LLC - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Southridge Apartments
CONTRACTOR: TWG Construction, LLC - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Washington Apartments
CONTRACTOR: TWG Construction, LLC - Des Moines, IA

PROJECT:  Burge Residence Hall - Update Student Living Spaces
CONTRACTOR:  City Construction - Iowa City, IA

PROJECT:  L6 JPP Labor and Delivery Expanision Phase 2
CONTRACTOR:  City Construction - Iowa City, IA

PROJECT:  Hilton Coliseum Parking Expansion
CONTRACTOR : Manatts Inc. - Ames, IA
WORKSAFE is a partnership between Master Builders of Iowa and Iowa OSHA, with safety services provided by Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. For more information on the WORKSAFE program or for safety inquiries, please contact Tom Suckow at 515-657-4384 or  Tom@IowaCSSI.com

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