Daily Volume 277 | November 30, 2020
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We heard you loud and clear! We're proud to announce the addition of filtering capability on our revamped "Craigslist Classifinds" page! In addition to separating out "Sold" versus "Still Available", you can now sort through by daily themes, country, year, make and model!
We're Pleased to Announce Reserved Parking Auctions!
Reserved Parking Auctions Starts Monday, December 7th!

Our new auction portal launches next Monday and we'll start the bidding with our '84 Cadillac Eldorado offered at No Reserve! Stay tuned for more details throughout this week!
Our daily "Classifinds" features provide detailed pricing estimates, a brief background, and when possible, videos of the cars. We also list our observations based on pictures provided.
Sly Fox: 1980 Ford Thunderbird Street Machine – $13,000

While the Fox Body Mustang continues to attract a large legion of followers driving heavily modified cars, it can be a bit challenging standing out from the crowd...
1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV – $29,500

While we tend to feature Alfa Romeo Spiders fairly regularly for our Sports Car Saturday features, we enjoy coming across one of this Italian Automaker’s rarer stateside examples. In this case, we’re drawn to this driver-quality, blue-over light tan, 1974 2000 GTV Coupe...
We can't write in detail about every cool classic we find, so "Classifind Cuts" provide you with just-listed Craigslist leads.
1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring – $22,500

Despite the forced move to reduced power to meet ever-increasing emissions, Plymouth’s third-generation, fuselage styled Plymouth Satellite looked the part. It’s becoming very rare to find a rust-free, unmolested example such as this all-green 1972 Sebring...
1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z – $10,500

Chrysler’s early-1980’s turn-around based on the company’s K-Car platform was nothing short of spectacular. One of the more desired variants of that platform was the stylish Dodge Daytona, especially in “Turbo Z” form such as this all-black 1984 example...
Here is an update on recent Malaise Monday Features
Pick a Price:
1978 Pontiac Bonneville
Landau – NOW $12,995

Conventional wisdom dictates if your car doesn’t sell at a certain price for several months, then raising said price will likely not help your cause. Oddly, the private seller of this very nice 400 V8 equipped ’78 Bonneville didn’t get that memo as they just raised the asking price back up to $12,995.
Entry-Level Luxury:
1979 Lincoln Continental
Mark V – STILL $12,500

We just came across an updated listing for this last-of-the-land yachts ’79 Lincoln Mark V. Everything, including the asking price, remains the same. The second owner, who purchased this Mark V in 1985, recently passed away and now the car is being offered at $12,500 by his widow.