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Note from the CEO

This is a remarkable time for Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB). For only the second time since its inception, the WOSB Federal Contracting Program not only reached, but exceeded its target to achieve five percent of all awarded contracts during FY2019. This is a tremendous achievement for women business owners, with their significant efforts contributing to the economy at record breaking levels. With an average award of $1.85 million per prime contractor, revenues directed towards women-owned small businesses have steadily increased to $26.03 billion out of the overall spend of $136 billion in prime contracts to small businesses.

I am especially proud of this milestone as the Small Business Administration’s announcement called out Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) as a significant contributor to this achievement. As a board member and Vice Chair, I have partnered with WIPP as it advocated for the creation of the WOSB Program and as major supporters in the certification program over the last decade.

As a result of our commitment to consistently deliver significant cost reductions, improved efficiencies, expedited project completion and increased business value, Management Solutions has been the recipient of several WOSB contract awards. All of us at Management Solutions are proud to have been an ongoing contributor to this significant milestone.

We are even prouder of the role we are actively playing to help create new career opportunities for women and indeed for a whole new generation of project management and control professionals.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 
Misty Mayes, CEO
Continuing to Deliver Value and Creating Jobs 

It’s difficult for organizations to mitigate downturns completely, but the actions they take can help mitigate losses and create ways to capitalize on opportunities. CEO Misty Mayes asked her team two key questions very early on in the pandemic. First, what decisions had to be made immediately in anticipation of persistent quarantines and lockdowns; and second, what needs would our clients and prospects have in order to actively support their businesses in recovering from the pandemic. 

Mayes answers these questions and shares how Management Solutions was able to rebound and grow during the pandemic crisis in our latest news release…
Transforming Businesses by Managing the People Side of change is the Critical Role of Organizational Change Management

Organizations are constantly facing operational challenges while pursuing their missions. Management Solutions partners with clients and their leadership teams to ensure their organizations manage critical transitions. We can work alongside our clients to align their current change strategies with current and future business goals. 

To meet the demands of today’s business needs, it is not enough to simply implement great project management. That’s why we prepare, support, and help government and commercial clients make the strategic decisions they need to thrive. Management Solutions recognizes that managing the people side of change is an imperative to meeting business objectives, and we have certified Change Management professionals to help organizations through the change process. 

Our teams deploy a bespoke approach to Change Management to meet each client’s unique needs. Management Solutions uses the Prosci® change management model as the body of knowledge for each of their change initiatives and combines that with our award-winning project management teams to enhance our clients’ probability of achieving their business objectives.

Read how Management Solutions’ integrated project management, organizational change management and process improvement services for a large federal nuclear facility...

Find out how a facility maintenance accuracy program enabled a Department of Energy (DOE) prime contractor’s maintenance managers to better trust data accuracy and use it to more effectively plan and staff facility maintenance projects.
Project Management Trends for 2021

The project management landscape is changing rapidly with the evolution and deployment of new technologies, tools and trends. Undoubtedly, these innovations will have a dramatic impact on the way project managers work in the future. A recent blog posted by Northeastern University offered its list of the six most notable project management trends for 2021:

  1. Greater reliance on digital and remote teams—project management, like other industries, is no longer strictly confined to offices.
  2. A closer connection between projects and strategy—the framework for project management is being applied to broader strategy and initiatives.
  3. Project management and change management—project managers are now frequently managing not only their own projects, but the organization’s change initiatives as well.
  4. The emergence of hybrid project management approaches—the merging of different methodologies into hybrid approaches is increasingly being adopted.
  5. An emphasis on soft skills—the core of project managers’ work lies in the understanding of people and how to manage them in a way that will yield the best results.
  6. The impact of artificial intelligence and data analytics—artificial intelligence will likely drive the automation of administration-focused tasks such as resource allocation, project balancing, and schedule and budget updates.

To review the complete Northeastern University blog, click here.
Filling an Overwhelming Industry Need

According to a Project Management Institute study, employers will need to fill 22 million new project controls/management positions between the years 2017 and 2027. There are nowhere near enough qualified candidates to fill these roles, leaving businesses with underperforming projects costing billions of dollars. At Management Solutions, we recognized the overwhelming need to identify, train and deploy the next generation of project controls leaders and that’s why we have launched our new subsidiary, Talent Solutions. Talent Solutions is a premier project controls training, workforce development, and recruiting firm that delivers customized project controls training programs to a wide variety of commercial businesses and government agencies.

Talent Solutions evolved out of CEO Misty Mayes’ desire to create well-paying, sustainable careers for aspiring project controllers. Mayes has spent her career recognizing opportunities where others saw only challenges, and that is why Talent Solutions seeks out client sites in rural or economically disadvantaged regions and encourages individuals from historically under-represented populations for its program. Talent Solutions wants to be at the vanguard of efforts to provide meaningful work, dignity, and improved quality of life to people, no matter where they live or who they are.