Presidential campaigns can be downright embarrassing.  It's those deer-in-the-headlights moments which viewers remember for years to come . . . long after the campaign has run its course.
With so many embarrassing moments to choose from, it's surprisingly easy to pinpoint the single most cringeworthy moment in Marco "Gang of Eight" Rubio's floundering presidential campaign.
Without question, it was when MSNBC's Joe Scarborough recently asked presidential campaign dropout Rick Santorum to explain why he now supports Marco "Amnesty" Rubio.
QUESTION:  "Can you name one thing that he's passed in the last two years?"  After lots of dodging and weaving and stuttering, Scarborough eventually pleaded with Santorum to name "one accomplishment - just one, just one - that Marco achieved."
Here's Santorum's honest answer about Marco Rubio:
"The bottom line is there isn't a whole lot of accomplishments."

WARNING:  This short, 1-minute video produced by
none other than Chris Christie will make you CRINGE,
even if you are a fan of either Santorum or Rubio.

Why does this matter?  Well, the collapsing Rubio campaign has just snuck Santorum into Hawaii for a last-minute appeal to Hawaii Republican voters.  Santorum probably won't be nearly as honest in Hawaii as he was in this video.
If you've been following the Republican primary across the nation, you know that establishment elites in the GOP have been trying to prop up Florida's floundering Marco Rubio as their last-minute pick in the wake of Jeb Bush's massive and costly campaign implosion.
It's no secret that failed party leaders who were left high and dry by liberal Republican Jeb Bush's exit from the race have gravitated to the establishment's new (but quickly fading) favoriteMarco Rubio, who regularly finishes in either third or fourth place in primary after primary.
Right here in Hawaii, the liberals who control the Hawaii GOP have likewise jumped off of one horse ( Bush) and onto another ( Rubio) in recent days; desperate for a non-conservative to win the nomination . . . or at least Hawaii's caucus tomorrow.
Despite the rapid decline and steady losses of Rubio, the establishment is making a last stand in Hawaii and Florida to keep Rubio from going down in flames . . . even though they know the race has become a two-man contest between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
That's why local party leaders like Saiki and Fukumoto have joined in the all-out assault on conservative candidates; mimicking what they see national party elites doing.

In fact, only a few hours ago, party leaders concocted a phony "caucus promotion" event at party headquarters for the sole benefit of the Rubio campaign to showcase Rick Santorum on the eve of the Hawaii Republican Presidential CaucusSecretly in the works for some time, the competing campaigns of Cruz, Trump, and Kasich were only told about today's sham event for Rubio at party headquarters long after the sun went down last night.  Cheaters in the party designed this fake 'caucus promotion event' to fail for every candidate except its sole beneficiary:  Marco "Amnesty" Rubio.   As soon as party leaders got wind that Santorum was coming to town and had nowhere to speak or meet the news media, party leaders set up this sham event designed for Rubio's benefit.

So when you see Rick Santorum at party headquarters on tonight's TV newscasts, remember two things:  (1) the honest and embarrassing Santorum-Rubio video above; and (2) that we told you first how the incredibly biased and conflicted party leaders abused their positions at the state party and probably broke state party and national party rules to show favoritism toward the establishment elite's puppet candidate:  Marco "Gang of Eight" Rubio.
So what has Marco Rubio accomplished?

In the words of Rubio surrogate Rick Santorum himself:

"The bottom line is there isn't
a whole lot of accomplishments."
Fellow conservatives, those establishment party leaders can only get away with cheating if we let them.  And if we let these liberals hijack our party for much longer, Hawaii will never become a real two-party state.  You can count on HIRA to expose these frauds at every turnThanks for joining us in paying attention to their chicanery!

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