Private Holiday Shopping at Berbere Top Questions

We had such a great response to the Private Holiday Shopping Events that we felt it necessary to clarify a few questions that were consistently asked.

Q. Can the Shopping Party be for anyone?
A. Yes, it can be for anyone, not just designers. We ask that parties be a min of 10 people but will accommodate less should the situation require.

Q. I'm a designer. What if I want to invite my clients? Will I still receive a commission?
Yes. We will work with you to ensure you either make the margin between wholesale and price your client paid (retail even if discounted retail). Or, in the case of wholesale, pay you a standard commission on wholesale goods.

Q. I'm not a designer, can I have a Private Shopping Party?
A. Yes, absolutely. We will also work with you contingent upon volume purchased to give you the best pricing possible for you and your party.

Q. What are the days and hours available for a Private Shopping Party?
A. Hours are from 5 pm-9 pm Monday-Saturday. We will consider parties on Sunday from 10 am-3 pm on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Is everything at Berbere Imports available for purchase?

A. Yes. We have a wide range of furnishings, accessories, architectural elements, pots, and special one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces available.

About Private Shopping Events
42,000 SF Indoor / Outdoor 
Perfect for corporations and private parties 
Ideal for social distancing  
Wide variety of holiday gifts
Designer commission program
1.5hr - 3hr experiences
Food and Drink Option 

With the holiday season approaching, we all can likely agree that gift shopping will be different this year. 

Last week we hosted a private after-hours shopping experience for a small law office, and it was so successful we thought, why not offer the same option to our designers and their larger corporate clients.

To bring some normalcy and usher in the holiday season, beginning October 20th, Berbere’s warehouse will be available for private holiday shopping experiences Monday through Saturday, 5-9 pm. 

Berbere’s unique size and large open-air environment create the perfect setting for large gatherings while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. 

If you have a corporate client or would prefer to host an event for family and friends, we would be delighted to accommodate you. There is no charge for hosting, and we offer exceptional pricing for your clients and a commission structure for you - our design partners.  

Please call or email to reserve now as slots are filling fast.

Let us make this 2020 holiday season exceptional!