What If

What if our lives never returned to “normal,” the normal we knew a few months ago; and we remained, for the most part, in low gear. That daily walk in the sunshine, a respite, a masked time of meditation. What if the animals reclaimed the land, yawning into the road, basking with renewed vigor and confidence, fearless in their approach. The air quality cleaner, fewer cars on the road. What if we let this experience humble us, inspire us to step softly—would Mother Earth flourish again? What if we learned how to slow down and nurture ourselves, permitted the little things to stir us—the scent of an orange peel, an eye smile returned, the wheels of a cart rolling on pavement, a conversation with those relatives we avoided each holiday. Could this really change us? What if we let it. Stopped expecting things to return to “normal” and instead drew a line on the floor, labeled it before and after, the day we pivoted for the better. What if we noticed all the tiny things we’d taken for granted, spent more time on our craft, whether knitting, sewing, baking, painting, sculpting, and of course, writing. What if we showed up to the page daily with open hearts, fingers moving rapidly, minds emptied of clutter, without fear, and never pulled away from our dreams. What if we stopped worrying and just accepted. Believed our writing was good enough, knew our words held power. Allowed them to flow out of us and into the world like driftwood catching the tide, gnarled and unadorned. Pure emotion. Unedited. Yes, really. What if we trusted those words would be honored. Imagined a publisher snatching them up like bright candy. Could we make this time count for something positive and fruitful? What if you decided today was the most beautiful day you’d ever seen. Let it wash over you. Seep inside your body—your gut, chest, hips—carrying this moment of deep reflection like a polished stone, the weight of which serving as a reminder of what you survived, but its inner light piercing your body in rays. What if you let it shine. Knew all you needed was inside of you, and used this time to coax it out, create art that only you could create. What if you accepted yourself. Didn’t try to be and just were. Made this moment, right now, your own story of what if.