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High powered law firms have discovered just how effective a branding tool mobile outdoor advertising can be. The reason is simple. Buses and trucks display large billboards that are moving throughout the city among potential clients. The signs can't help but be seen--over and over and over. Just ask the John Orcutt Law Firm, Rizzi Law Firm, Ward-Black Law Firm, and The Nichole Cotton Law Firm. They've all moved money from other advertising mediums and put their money where the eyeballs are: Streetlevel Media's mobile fleet.
The Ceiling is the Roof!
That's true if you're a great basketball or football player. Cox Toyota discovered that the ceiling---of the interior of a  bus, that is---can be a very effective advertising display as well. Streetlevel Media calls the large interior display a "Michelangelo", after the famed painter's frescos. The display is 40" wide by 50" long, and you can't help but 
tare at it just above your head when you're seated in a bus. It's just one of the many ways you
can approach tran
sit advertising,
and why
 so popular.   

Did You Know? 
What a difference an adve rtising agency can make. As unbelievable as it sounds, Marlboro cigaret tes were marketed for decades as a woman's premium filtered cigarette. It wasn't until 1955 when Leo  Burnett's advertising agency took over the account that they settled upon the American cowboy as the image of the cigarette brand. The rest is history. Marlboro, and the "Marlboro Man", became the bestselling cigarette in
the world.

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We LOVE the trucks and how they've turned out! We've had several people send us pictures as they've seen it out in action, too. And I'm glad to hear that people are taking well to the campaign. :-) Thanks so much!
Liz Signet
Assistant Director of Marketing & Practice Relations -
General Imaging
Charlotte Radiology & Carolina's Imaging Services

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