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September 11, 2012

Dear Pinball Fans,


Today, as we do everyday, we remember those who lost their lives and whose lives were affected by the events that took place on September 11th 2001. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and with our country.


The other day in response to some requests, Jack took a short video of a game we have here at JJP in our Conference Room. While the game is mostly physically complete, the software is not. We did however want to show more elements of how a single ball travels on the game.


We want to include the community in our progress as this is what we have believed from the beginning. This has never been done in pinball development as there is a chance for people to guess that we are finished, which we are not. We have received so many e mails from our Facebook post about how spectacular the game looks, the lights and the different toys. This video will bring more questions about sound and speech calls. Chris and Keith work together to place them and fit them perfectly - which has not been done yet in this video.


This video only shows one screen on the LCD Display. We have released several but there are many that are unreleased that will be incorporated into the game. So much more to come!

WOZ Pinball Game Play - Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.
WOZ Pinball Game Play 
*Be sure to set the Video Quality to 1080 HD*


We are getting there and we are happy with our progress in creating this game for you.


On Saturday September 22nd Jack will be at the Pacific Pinball Expo with a WOZ game at his seminar at 11 AM. The game will then be available for play all day Saturday and early on Sunday. For more information on the Pacific Pinball Expo visit,   



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The JJP Team at Pinball Expo - Thanks to Jim Schelberg of 

Team JJP: Top Row - Left to Right: Mark Weyna, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Jim Thornton, Drew Maniscalco, Joe Balcer. Bottom Row- Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Dennis Nordman, Bryan Hansen. Jack Guarnieri in Front


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