Professors Giuliana Andreopoulos, Maria Kromidas, and Emmanuel S. Onaivi spotlighted as part of launch.
Professor Wang will teach courses in Thesis Writing and Population Studies at Ren Min University of China in Beijing from February to June 2020, as well as give a number of public lectures.
Giannella’s Bakery in Paterson, a client of William Paterson University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and recently counseled by the University’s MBA students, won a state award for its success and growth.
Marina Budhos, award-winning author and professor of English at William Paterson University, is one of 36 writers who will receive its prestigious fellowship in creative writing this year.
Why do some students in class keep trying to succeed while others walk away? Psychology professor Janet Ahn and chemistry professor Jay Foley are teaming up on a research study to help answer that question.
Alpha Epsilon Delta , a more than 90-year-old national honor society for students pursuing careers as healthcare practitioners, has just initiated its newest chapter in the Department of Biology at William Paterson University with the induction of 14 undergraduate biology majors.
Harry Maisch IV, PhD, adjunct professor of environmental science, discovered teeth belonging to a new species of fossil stingray in southwest Arkansas. He named the new fossil species  Hypolophites becker i for his colleague and mentor on campus, Professor Martin Becker .