July 16, 2021
New sermon series: I've Been Meaning to Ask . . .
A series for curiosity, courage, and connection.
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I've Been Meaning to Ask . . .
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Church News
VBS 2021 was a fun filled island adventure! Everyone had a great time this past week at Mystery Island VBS. Thank you to all the volunteers that made it a success.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.
Pastor's Thoughts
I'm excited to see the church moving forward to be more focused on our community. It was great to spend the week with dedicated volunteers and have fun with kids. Pastor Martin is the keynote speaker for the Synod Youth Workshop and he is doing a tremendous job energizing the faith of our youth. This sermon series "I've been meaning to ask" is geared to help us build better relationships with each other and with those we serve in our community. I have appreciated hearing responses to these questions from members and overhearing some people ask these good questions. Friends and members of Woodhaven, we need all of you as we seek to serve our community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Let us listen to the Spirit as we are led forward together. I'm excited to see the fruit of what God is working in us in these strange times. Keep the faith and let us finish the race we have started with grace and integrity.

*One opportunity that will help grow your faith and spirituality regardless of where you are at on your journey of faith is the Presbyterian Pilgrimage (I like to think of it as church camp for adults of all ages and maturities). This Fall it will be at Lake Lavon Nov. 4-7 please prayerfully consider this opportunity to meet other fun Presbyterians and grow your faith through study, music, and conversations. Ask Coy, Earllene, Dena, Jeff, Robin, Charlie, or me if you want to know more about this retreat. It is a transformational experience!
I've Been Meaning to Ask . . . .

Week 3
I’ve been meaning to ask. . .
what do you need?

Break Open
by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Inspired by Job 2:11-13
Digital painting with mixed media collage
The day my grandmother died, my mother-in-law called. My grandmother died peacefully in old age, and yet, my mother-in-law knew the significance of her loss. She knew how my grandmother had helped raise my sister and me when our mother died when we were young. She knew that my grandmother was the matriarch of my large extended family, and that her death would usher in a new
reality for us. She knew that my grief for my mother—well-worn and familiar—would bleed into this new, unfamiliar grief. She knew that losing my grandmother would feel like losing a parent all over again.

I missed her call, but she left a voicemail. Softly, her voice message began: “Lisle, I just heard about your Nana...” Then her voice cracked, she sighed, and began to weep. After a few moments of weeping quietly, she found her words again: "Anyway, I love you. Call me if you want to talk.”

I don’t remember much of what others have said to me in the fresh fog of grief, but I will never forget that. In a way, she didn’t need to ask me what I needed. Without assumption or question, she simply entered into my pain and joined me there. Her profound act of solidarity gave me great comfort when little comfort was to be found.

In this image, I wanted to evoke the emotional impact of rending one’s clothing in solidarity with someone who is hurting. While this ancient cultural practice might feel curious to us now, I love that it’s an embodied way to tear away the armor that guards our own hearts so we can truly show up—tenderly—to join another in their pain.

If you are hurting right now, may this image remind you: you are not alone. God’s heart is breaking open for you.
Read the Bible in 9 Months!
February 2021 - October 2021

The reading plan for July is listed below. Blessings as you Read the Bible in 9 Months!
July 01: Psalm 77; Leviticus 18-20
July 02: Psalm 78; Leviticus 21,22
July 03: Psalm 79; Leviticus 23-25
July 04: Psalm 80; Leviticus 26,27
July 05: Psalms 81,82; Numbers 1-3
July 06: Psalm 83; Numbers 4-6
July 07: Psalm 84; Numbers 7,8
July 08: Psalm 85; Numbers 9-11
July 09: Psalm 86; Numbers 12-14
July 10: Psalm 87; Numbers 15-17
July 11: Psalm 88; Numbers 18-21
July 12: Psalm 89; Numbers 22-24
July 13: Psalm 90; Numbers 25-27
July 14: Psalm 91; Numbers 28-30
July 15: Psalm 92; Numbers 31-33
July 16: Psalm 93; Numbers 34-36
July 17: Proverbs 11-14
July 18: Proverbs 15-18
July 19: Proverbs 19-21
July 20: Proverbs 22-26
July 21: Proverbs 27-31
July 22: Ecclesiastes 1-6
July 23: Ecclesiastes 7-12
July 24: Song of Solomon
July 25: Isaiah 1-3
July 26: Isaiah 4,5
July 27: Isaiah 6-8
July 28: Isaiah 9-11
July 29: Isaiah 12-14
July 30: Isaiah 15-19
July 31: Isaiah 20-23
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