June 4, 2021
Please join us in celebrating our graduates during worship this Sunday, June 6.

High School Graduates
Grace Berry
Ashley Rebora
Sara Stocksdale

College Graduates
Brennan Caviness from UT Austin
Tessa Hackathorn from Texas Women's University
Kaitlin Kelley from Austin College
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Prayers and Comfort
Church News
Synod of the Sun
Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network
Read the Bible in 9 Months!
Mo-Ranch Information
Faith & Grief
Session, Officers & Committee Moderators
Adult Sunday School in Hancock Hall 9:00 a.m.
Worship - Virtual and In-Person 10:30 a.m.
Ghanaian Presbyterian Community Church 2:00 p.m.

Office Hours
M - Th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Closed Fridays
Prayers And Comfort

To update information, please contact Betty Ladusau, 214.505.6043
Prayers for Shane Webb and family on the passing
of his Aunt Bea Forte

Limited Travelers
Kathleen "Kitty" Douglas
Scott McKissick
Jack Murphy
Dan Reel
Margaret Robison
Bill & Joe Ann Smith

Dena Owens
Avante Rehabilitation
Nancy Miller

Margaret Robison

Villages on MacArthur
Dana Wright

Sunrise of Plano
Senior Living
Joe & Susie Smith
Service Women & Men
and Their Families
SSGT Stephanie Cole,
granddaughter of Bernice Steele
Seaman Houston Neff, grandson of Kitty Neff
Major Marty Schubert, Chaplain, U.S. Army
USAF Lt. Colonel Phillip Hartnett, grandson of Nancy Miller
Family Members
Alan and Suzanne Baroody
Debbie Dickinson's husband, Gene
Dena Owens mother, Lorna Griffis
Cobbie and Dessa Palm, Missionaries
Pat Reese's son, Johnny
Lillyan Reyes brothers, David & Edgar
Margaret Robison's sister, Sara
Gladys Valchar's friend, Marilyn Portis
Shane Webb's Uncle Bob
Requests are gathered during our worship service, via email, or calls to the office. We do our best to ensure that all requests are included. If you would like to add someone to this list or have your name removed, please contact the church office.
Campus Improvement Program continues!
New sign installed including LED lighting behind the Woodhaven sign.
Church News
Dessa Palm prepared a beautiful Sunday School-type message for kids, youth, and even for we "sophisticated" adults on their ministries for children. It's really unique. Click here for to watch the video.

Dessa's five minute video presentation highlights activities for children and young people on how to show the love of Jesus to others in the world. She specializes in this kind of work along with her Youth Advocacy Through Theater Arts, which handles serious issues.
Dessa Quesada Palm
Do you want to share God's love and inspire kids? Are you willing to serve as a masked, vaccinated volunteer?

Even though these are strange and tough times, Woodhaven is feeling called by God to provide a safe, socially distanced event to share God's love with children in our congregation and community, and the Discipleship Committee has created a task force to determine how to accomplish that important task. We would love to host an outdoor, three-day VBS in Mid-July, but that requires volunteers. If your answer is yes to the above questions, please contact Heather Meese or Susan Candelaria.

Heather Meese, 972-251-0916, havmeese@icloud.com
Susan Candelaria, 972-816-7406, nanasusie4@gmail.com

June 6 - June 20

Let's help Irving Cares
restock their shelves!
Summer is here and the demand will be greater with the children home from school. Don't forget about the pets as they have many clients with dogs. Remember dogs are family too!

Irving Cares requests the following items: canned fruit, canned meat, juice boxes, peanut butter, jelly, mac-n-cheese, rice soup, canned dog food.

Look for donation bins in the Narthex and the church office.
Father's Day is coming up!

Father's Day is coming up on June 20th, and you can start shopping for gifts on Amazon. When you shop for Father's Day gifts at smile.amazon.com/ch/75-1370175, Amazon Smile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Woodhaven Presbyterian Church at no cost to you.
We have corresponded with the Palms about the dangerous human rights situation in the Philippines, due to President Duterte's murderous vigilante policy that has killed thousands of people without trial, based on accusations alone. It has been condemned by the UN and the International Criminal Court.
Dessa has responded with the following:
 "Yes, the human rights situation in the Philippines has indeed worsened during the pandemic, and the church has not been spared from harassment and threats. One of our partner churches in the south, that has become a sanctuary for the indigenous communities that had to flee due to militarization and threats to their lives, is now under attack. I am sending a link of the statement of the bishops of the "United Church of Christ in the Philippines" (UCCP) in the face of recent efforts to undermine the church's ministry of providing refuge and support to those in need." Note: The UCCP is the blanket organization for all the Protestant groups, including the Presbyterians.
President Rodrigo Duferts (center)
President Duterte has for years conducted a murderous & illegal campaign against people he wants to eliminate. This has escalated from:
  1. killing 20,000 or more drug dealers & users, begun in 2016,
  2. killing human rights advocates for people being driven off their farms by mining company militias & other special interests. These killings have escalated since 2020.
  3. killing or imprisonment of anyone accused of helping or sympathizing with communist rebels, called "red tagging", with many false charges.
  4. killing or imprisonment of some journalists & the shutting down of a major news network in 2020 that was critical of Duterte,
  5. attacks on Christian leaders and churches helping the poor, hungry, and oppressed -- because oppressed people are critical of the Duterte government. Helping them is treated as supporting "terrorism" against the government. Three Catholic priests were gunned down in separate incidents in 2018 in the Manila area for criticizing Duterte for his murder campaign.
Crowd protesting Duterte's vigilante killing campaign.
The situation is increasingly dangerous for anyone helping or advocating for the poor and oppressed, which is what Christian groups do, including Cobbie and Dessa. Your prayers are appreciated.
Click here for the link to the UCCP report.
HUB for Synod Youth Workshop
July 14, 2021 through July 17, 2021
Virtual  Keynote speaker is Martin Osae!

We would offer a safe space for the youth in our area to gather and participate in SYW together. We can participate minimally from show up at 10:00 a.m., bring a sack lunch and leave before dinner time, OR provide a continental breakfast, bring in lunch, drinks/snacks and provide dinner (for a small fee to cover the food cost). We would expect around 30 to 40 kids and would require around 10 adults. Since Presbytery is close by we could have some leaders come over and help to supplement the leadership rolls or small group leaders. We can invite other churches like Hackberry Creek or even FUMC Irving and Redeemer. Participates are upcoming 9th graders to Graduates this year.

Registration is online and SYW will not charge a fee this year, but we can charge a fee as a HUB to cover food, drinks, and snacks. Synod will provide a camp T-shirt so we can all match for our service project. A schedule is attached, and they will be provided with a small group packet for the small group leaders. We will be required to provide our COVID protocol and leaders will be required to take an online child protection course, it will take about an hour.

AV requirements are Projector, Screen and Speakers, Wi-Fi and Zoom so all groups can interact with other HUB’s. Activities will include a Variety show, games, and small groups.
Service Project can be our choice. Synod will provide items for a “Health and Wellness” bag with items to encourage youth to do activities to strengthen their mental health. We can have our youth put in a personal note that they are being prayed for and they will be delivered to local youth that need help.


We can also schedule a time to work in a food pantry/Irving Cares or if we have some projects at our church that need help; i.e., clean out flower beds or prepare materials for VBS at our church.
This is a lot of information so let me know what questions you might have and if I can’t answer them, I will talk to Synod.
Your sister in Christ,

A Message from the Conference Planning Team
Dear Friends of POAMN,
The 2021 POAMN National Conference is planned for Mo-Ranch Conference Center in Hunt, Texas for October 26-28th.  Our theme this year is Vibrant and Faithful Aging: Legacies Across Generations.  
The Conference Planning Team is seeking everyone's help to make the right decision to protect POAMN's members and their finances in our commitment to the conference venue. We would like to know if/how you would like to attend this year's national conference at Mo-Ranch. We hope to see all of you in person! 
Before you complete this survey, please keep in mind the in-person conference cost includes 2 nights lodging, 6 meals and the registration fee. The cost would be approximately $500 per person for single occupancy rooming, or approximately $380 per person for double occupancy rooming. In addition, each person is responsible for their own airfare and ground transportation to Mo-Ranch.
Please take a minute and follow the link below to complete the brief survey by May 27.
The POAMN Conference Planning Team
Read the Bible in 9 Months!
February 2021 - October 2021

The reading plan for June is listed below. Blessings as you Read the Bible in 9 Months!
June 01: Psalm 37; Mark 1-3
June 02: Psalm 38; Mark 4,5
June 03: Psalm 39; Mark 6-8
June 04: Psalm 40; Mark 9,10
June 05: Psalm 41; Mark 11-13
June 06: Psalms 42,43; Mark 14-16
June 07: Psalms 44,45; Exodus 1-3
June 08: Psalms 46,47; Exodus 4-6
June 09: Psalm 48; Exodus 7-10
June 10: Psalm 49; Exodus 11-13
June 11: Psalm 50; Exodus 14,15
June 12: Psalm 51; Exodus 16,17
June 13: Psalm 52; Exodus 18,19
June 14: Psalms 53,54; Exodus 20-23
June 15: Psalm 55; Exodus 24-27
June 16: Psalms 56,57; Exodus 28-31
June 17: Psalm 58; Exodus 32-34
June 18: Psalm 59; Exodus 35-40
June 19: Psalm 60; Hebrews 1-3
June 20: Psalms 61,62; Hebrews 4-6
June 21: Psalms 63,64; Hebrews 7-10
June 22: Psalms 65,66; Hebrews 11-3
June 23: Psalm 67; Proverbs 1-3
June 24: Psalm 68; Proverbs 4-7
June 25: Psalm 69; Proverbs 8-10
June 26: Psalms 70,71; Leviticus 1-5
June 27: Psalms 72; Leviticus 6,7
June 28: Psalms 73; Leviticus 8-10
June 29: Psalm74; Leviticus 11-13
June 30: Psalms 75,76; Leviticus 14-17
The mission of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly is to foster growth in God through Jesus Christ by sharing its unique living, learning, Christian environment.
For more information about program registration, please go to:
Faith And Grief
During the months of May & June, when so many are remembering loved ones on special holidays, visit Facebook and IG for ideas, stories, shared events to help you remember the love. 

We'd love to hear from you, share how you have remembered your loved ones, post on our Facebook page and Instagram, and post on yours with the #rememberthelove.

As we grieve, experiencing an empty seat at the table can make holidays like Mother's Day or birthdays feel out of place or inadequate. You may like feel avoiding them altogether, which is perfectly fine as you grieve. You may also feel like you are ready to find ways to remember your loved ones and explore memorial ideas for them.

During this time of Covid-19 recommendations, we are offering support gatherings online. Please register and you will receive an email confirmation with the meeting access link & dial-in instructions.

Tuesday, June 15 @ 6:00 p.m.
Thursday, June 17 @ Noon

Register at:

New Episode Every Wednesday
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The Faith & Grief Podcast explores the intersection of faith & grief. Our first season features conversations around grief during the pandemic. We talk with healthcare professionals, authors, and grief experts. We hope the stories & interviews you hear provide some comfort & hope to you or someone you love on the journey of grief.

Download & listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google podcasts. You can listen on your desktop or mobile devices, download these podcast apps today.

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