Vol. 8, Issue 1, August 1, 2019
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In this week's edition: Help WPH develop our Employer Toolkit; Enter the Hamilton Job Satisfaction Survey today; Women are still vastly under-represented in the skilled trades
Employment toolkit for small and medium sized employers planned!
Workforce Planning Hamilton has partnered with Mohawk College Enterprise to develop a toolkit for employers that will provide information on best practices in recruitment, retention and how to onboard to attract and retain quality employees. The toolkit will be focused on the needs of small and medium sized companies.

Worklng with our Employment Ontario Employment Services partners we'll find out the challenges that their employer clients are facing.

A number of focus groups will be held in August; work on the toolkit will start in September and be finalized in November. A community launch is planned for February 2020.

If you are an employer interested in helping with the toolkit develpment or testing it with your employers please contact Cyndi Ingle at cyndi.ingle@workforceplanninghamilton.ca or by calling 905-521-5777 ext. 14.

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Our Hamilton Job Satisfaction Survey will take you five minutes to complete and will help local employers learn how they can retain and attract quality workers!

All survey information is kept confidential and your name will not be attached to any of your information or comments.

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Women are making inroads in the trades but still have a ways to go
Although more women are finding lucrative and satisfying work in male-dominated skilled trades, progress is too slow to meet the demand for skilled workers, in some cases because the work environments are unwelcoming, experts say.

Of the 934,000 people working in industrial, electrical and construction trades in 2008, 34,600 — or 3.7 per cent — were women.

By 2018, 38,600 fewer people were working in the trades overall, but women's sliver of the shrinking pie grew by about 200 women to 34,800. That's just under 3.9 per cent.

Labour Force Information, Hamilton, June 2019
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