Vol 5, Issue 4, May 27 2022
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In this week's edition: Hamilton's Labour Force Information April 2022, WPH Website Tutorial OUT NOW, Hamilton Youth Workforce Interview Series OUT NOW, The Full Local Labour Market Plan Report 2021, Who's Hiring in the Hamilton Region, Happening in the Community (NPAAMB Virtual Certificate Week, Goodwill Amity Workshop Calendar June 2022, Skills2Advance Free Introductory Welding Training, and Newcomers Week Stats) News: "At the start of your career? Opt for face-to-face" and "Helping students face career uncertainty"
Labour Force April 2022
Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for April 2022

A slight drop in the unemployment rate, employment rate, and participation rate
WPH New Website: Video Tutorial OUT NOW!
Workforce Planning Hamilton has launched a Video Tutorial on how to navigate our New Website!

Learn how to easily navigate the WPH Website to get the most out of your search for employment!

This video quickly highlights the tools that allow you to search for dozens of employment opportunities, learn important information, filter by category and explore career paths related to your current experience.

Visit our Instagram page or our Youtube Channel for the full tutorial!
Catch Last Week's Interview with Arturo Jimenez
Visit our Website or Youtube channel to check out this fantastic interview from Hamilton Youth Workforce with our guest Arturo Jimenez regarding Youth Employment, Job Readiness, Advice & Tips, and much more!

Stay tuned each week for more updates & information, and we look forward to sharing this series with you!

We would love to hear from any Hamilton youth and/or youth organizations to speak about their challenges and successes regarding employment.
The Local Labour Market Plan 2021
Workforce Planning Hamilton has created a report to provide an update on the state of the local labour market in 2021 and reflect on preliminary insights for 2022. Hamilton’s labour market has faced an unprecedented impact in the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the pandemic ensued, a complex and changing narrative followed, making it difficult to describe and predict the outcome.

*The report is available in English and French Language.
Who's Hiring in the Hamilton region
NPAAMB Indigenous Youth Employment & Training is currently seeking a Youth Navigator, Youth Services Officer, Coach/Mentor, and Class Instructor.

Summer Camp Counsellor (14 Positions)

Thrive Child & Youth Trauma Services is hiring a Clinical Therapist.
Happening in the community!
NPAAMB Virtual Certificate Week: June 6-10
The workshops will take place from Monday - Friday between 10am-3pm on Zoom, and will include such topics as Interview Skills, Self Care, Cover Letter Writing, Job Search Skills and more!
Youth who participate can earn a bonus based on their attendance. 
All Indigenous Youth ages 15-30 in any of our catchment areas are welcome (as long as they have not completed a NPAAMB Certificate Week within the past calendar year)
Goodwill Amity Workshop Calendar: June 2022
Register Here!
Skills2Advance Free Introductory Welding Training
This is a 2 week program intended to give participants an introduction to welding. The first week will be dedicated to learning welding basics. After successful completion of the CWB test, participants will receive a fillet weld qualification per CSA W47.1. Register for a virtual information session Thursday, June 2, 2022
10:00 am
Newcomers Week Statistics
Newcomers will help Canada meet its labour needs and shortages in the coming years: Newcomers will continue to play an increasingly significant role in Canada’s labour force and is a key reason for Canada’s investment in attracting skilled workers from other countries. Over 51% of recent immigrants have a university degree compared to 20% of Canadian-born.

Employer/Business Competitiveness: Internationally trained newcomers have the skills and talent to help employers compete in an increasingly global marketplace.  
Reflecting your diverse client base with a diverse staff team is critical.

Developing new markets: Newcomer jobseekers have valuable cultural knowledge to help develop new local and global markets for businesses looking to expand.

Workplace innovation: Internationally trained professionals bring fresh perspectives into Canadian organizations, helping with ideation, new thinking, and introducing different business methods

Expanded Networks and Connections: Newcomer talent can often bring valuable connections to other potential employees from their communities and they can bring connections to potentially useful national or international organizations for business.
At the start of your Career? Opt for Face-to-face.
During the pandemic, remote work has become essential wherever possible. Feared at the beginning by some employees and managers, it now has many champions. In a post-pandemic world, many employees will have the possibility, or even the obligation, to work at home.

This has important implications for the professional progression and network-building of new post-secondary graduates. In-person work offers more chance encounters with colleagues and makes it easier to pick up on company culture and work expectations. These circumstances can greatly contribute to a new employee’s speed of integration and professional success, but also to the pleasure of a job.
Many years ago, an executive whom I had mentored gave me a piece by Ron Robertson, then president of an executive search firm in Ottawa, titled “For a successful job change.” It identified eight rules that, according to Mr. Robertson, allow for a successful job transition.
Nearly 30 years of experience in recruitment, career transition and employment integration confirm to me that this text remains relevant. This is the first of two articles that will look at how, amid the shift to remote work, we can support the successful job transition of recent graduates. In both articles, I will present the strategies that seem relevant to me, and how we can think about them in our current context. These strategies, in addition to facilitating integration, promote access to a feeling of competence – the holy grail of well-being at work.

Helping Students face Career Uncertainty
Research has shown that post-secondary education leads to higher rates of employment and that most bachelor’s degree graduates secure full-time permanent positions within two to three years of graduation. While these statistics are promising for graduates, it is evident that these jobs were not secured overnight and that a degree is not always a quick ticket to employment.

Time plays a significant role in employment success – but that’s not always what students want to hear after they’ve spent years working toward a degree.
As someone who struggled with career uncertainty throughout my undergraduate experience, one of my biggest regrets was not using career services. Unfortunately, I didn’t speak to the professionals who could have supported me through some of the most challenging years of my life.
Now, I’m a Master of Education candidate in the Student Affairs field, with a passion for helping students with their career development. During this time, I have focused my studies on career development and taken time to reflect on my own personal experience as an undergrad. This reflection has helped me identify key themes in career services that I believe to be valuable for supporting post-secondary students’ vocational identity development.

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