Vol 6, Issue 2, June 10 2022
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In this week's edition: Hamilton's Labour Force Information May 2022, WPH Wins The 2022 Lynne Livingstone Memorial Award, June is PRIDE Month, HYW New Interview with Lincoln Cole - Out Now, April 2022 Labour Market Snapshot & Census Data, Viktor Cicman's Last LMI Gift to Hamilton, The Full Local Labour Market Plan Report 2021, Who's Hiring in the Hamilton Region, Happening in the Community (Equine Education & Employment Program, Successful Women in Advanced Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Accelerated Skills Training Program, Tomorrow's Trades Program, YWCA Pre-Apprenticeship Programs, and Path Employment June Calendar) News: "Career-building strategies and challenges for new professionals" and "12 resources for supporting LGBTQ2+ clients’ career development"
Labour Force May 2022
Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for May 2022

A slight drop in the unemployment rate, as well as a slight raise in the employment rate, and participation rate
The award is presented by the staff of the Adult Basic Education Association in memory of Lynne Livingstone, who was a friend and dedicated supporter of the ABEA. The award is given to those who exemplify the dedication, support and caring nature of Lynne Livingstone.
WPH Wins The 2022 Lynne Livingstone Memorial Award
“I am happy to accept the Lynne Livingstone Memorial Award presented by the Adult Basic Education Association. Lynne Livingstone was a hard working, caring and dedicated friend to ABEA and I am so grateful to run an organization that exemplifies the same characteristics. WPH and ABEA continue to support each other through various initiatives within the city and through hard work and dedication we hope to continue to thrive alongside each other. Thank you.” 

- Khadija Hamidu
(Executive Director of Workforce Planning Hamilton)

June is PRIDE Month!
Happy Pride Month from the WPH Team! 🌈 #loveislove #happypridemonth
HYW Interview with Lincoln Cole - Out Now!
Hamilton Youth Workforce brings you another fantastic interview with Youth Advocacy Leaders in Hamilton. Our next guest Lincoln Cole will be speaking about Youth Employment, Job Readiness, Employment Barriers, Advice & Tips, and much more!

Check out our past interviews on our Website or Youtube Channel!
April 2022 Labour Market Snapshot & Census Data
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Labour Force Characteristics, Hamilton 2022
Labour Force Characteristics, Ontario 2022
Top 5 Growing Industries, Ontario 2022
Top 5 Declining Industries, Ontario 2022
Age Distribution, 2016 Census vs. 2021 Census, Hamilton CMA
Age Distribution, 2016 Census vs. 2021 Census, Canada
Viktor Cicman's Last LMI Gift to Hamilton
In case you missed it, Viktor said his Final Goodbye to WPH by leaving us with a fantastic video explanation allowing us to better understand the concepts involved in the Labour Market.

You can watch the video on our Website or our Youtube Channel!
The Local Labour Market Plan 2021
Workforce Planning Hamilton has created a report to provide an update on the state of the local labour market in 2021 and reflect on preliminary insights for 2022. Hamilton’s labour market has faced an unprecedented impact in the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the pandemic ensued, a complex and changing narrative followed, making it difficult to describe and predict the outcome.

*The report is available in English and French Language.
Who's Hiring in the Hamilton region

John Howard Society is currently seeking an Employment Counsellor / Job Developer.

UPS is currently seeking a Warehouse Associate.

Mission Services of Hamilton is currently seeking a Cook.
Happening in the community!
Equine Education & Employment Program
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Successful Women in Advanced Manufacturing (SWIM)
Food & Beverage Accelerated Skills Training Program (FAST)
Tomorrow's Trades Program
YWCA Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
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General Carpenter
Construction Craft Worker
Electrician Construction & Maintenance
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic
Path Employment June Calendar
To register for workshops please contact us at: 905-528-6611 or email: reception@pathemployment.com - we also have a live chat option on our website: www.pathemployment.com
Career-building strategies and challenges for new professionals

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of opting for an in-person rather than virtual way of working to develop a good network of contacts when starting a job with a new employer. I also presented a winning strategy to facilitate integration, namely adapting to the culture of our new employer. In this article, I will present other strategies to help new employees integrate their work well, but also to develop, flourish and, if desired, climb the ladder! As you will see, all these strategies require an extensive and well-established network.

Understand expectations and instructions
When you start a new job, in addition to establishing the expectations and objectives to be achieved with your managers, it is strongly recommended to ask them for feedback and to ask the people around you. The quicker we get feedback, the more concise and direct they are, the easier it is to correct things early and avoid getting into trouble. When we are physically in our workplace, the colleagues present with us have more opportunities to observe our actions and identify errors or suggest more efficient working methods.
It’s also much easier to talk to colleagues you have already been in direct contact with, rather than people you have barely seen in lowercase on a small Zoom screen. In addition, the chances that colleagues will identify periods of questioning or uncertainty will also be greater if they rub shoulders with you, thus favouring the intervention or support of caring people who would not have the opportunity to perceive your difficulties in the context of teleworking.

12 resources for supporting LGBTQ2+ clients’ career development
For career professionals to adequately support LGBTQ2+ jobseekers, they must understand the challenges and barriers this client group can face, as well the immense diversity that exists within it. It is important to be aware of effective and appropriate communication and resources that may benefit clients. Celebrate the LGBTQ2+ community this Pride by building your knowledge through the guides, toolkits, organizations and more shared in this article. Don’t miss the additional reading section at the bottom for articles on this topic.

Also, if you’re specifically looking for resources to support transgender students and jobseekers, check out our recently published article: Resources to support the career development of transgender people.

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers recognizes employers across Canada that have exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs. This competition recognizes successful diversity initiatives in a variety of areas, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/transsexual (LGBT) peoples. 

Canada is home to over 28,000 LGBT+-owned businesses. CGLCC offers programs that either support LGBT+ entrepreneurs with training and tools to be more successful in Canada’s business landscape, or help businesses better support LGBT+ employees, businesses and consumers.

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