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Vol. 5, Issue 1 (May 7/15)
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Helped Wanted in Hamilton: Online job vacancies for the 1st Quarter 2015, January to March 2015

smiling-computer-ladies.jpg WPH has just released Helped Wanted in Hamilton as both a full report, and an infographic. 

These reports share with the community a snapshot of the real-time labour demand in Hamilton. 

One of the findings from the 1st Quarter 2015 is that Sales and service occupations continue to be the most advertised occupational group and that there are a wide variety of jobs in this field. While these jobs tend to be lower paid, a positive aspect is that these jobs are entry-level and provide opportunity for workers to gain experience and employability skills.

Rephrasing the questions around youth unemployment

When 1,425 Canadian students and youth were asked about barriers to employment their responses were much more comprehensive than a "lack of jobs." Actually only 37% of those in the sample identified this as the key barrier.

Instead perceived competition (43%), lack of experience (59%) and a lack of connections or familiarity (lack of a network, 22% and not knowing where to look for job opportunities, 22%) are top concerns for youth.
Profile of Hamilton's Aboriginal residents by the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton

This short report gives an overview of the demographics of Hamilton's Aboriginal residents in order to better understand this important community. The report highlights a growing youth population, a large age group in the 45-49 year age group, possibly due to the "Sixties Scoop", as well as education, occupations and income. 

Finally the report ends with data from a recent survey of Aboriginal people experiencing homelessness in Hamilton.
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