Vol 3, Issue 4, March 25, 2022
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In this week's edition: Local Labour Market Plan Report, Hamilton's Today hosted by Scott Thompson Interviewing WPH Executive Director Khadija Hamidu, Hamilton Youth Workforce HYW- WPH, SME Report, Who's Hiring in the Hamilton, re-envisioning the role of alumni in post-secondary career education, Social enterprise: A solution to supportive employment, HIPC - Recourses for Women! Path Employment April Free Events, ABEA - Leaders In Literacy Award Nomination, Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for February 2022
WPH updates
Workforce Planning Hamilton has created a report to provide an update on the state of the local labour market in 2021 and reflect on preliminary insights for 2022. Hamilton’s labour market has faced an unprecedented impact in the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the pandemic ensued, a complex and changing narrative followed, making it difficult to describe and predict the outcome.

*The report is available in English and French Language.
Hamilton Youth Workforce HYW- WPH
continues to grow, learn more about YOUTH job opportunities, events, and
various programs through our youth page Follow & Share
Hamilton's Today hosted by Scott Thompson Interviewing WPH Executive Director Khadija Hamidu
SME Report
The level of engagement throughout this project was excellent, both with the manufacturing and construction employers. Every employer who did participate in the questionnaire was extremely interested in speaking about their workforce needs, desires, concerns in detail and at great lengths.
This report summarizes these findings
Who's Hiring in the Hamilton region
TOLAGOS a.k.a Taste of Lagos is Hamilton’s #1 Nigerian Food Spot.
is looking for a dedicated cook/kitchen hand
stop by at 54 James Street North
The Hamilton Community Legal Clinic is looking for
Case Coordinator
Support Staff
Re-envisioning the role of alumni in post-secondary career education
By mentoring one-on-one or in small groups, alumni can help students connect pathways from education to employment. Alumni have lived experiences and are well-positioned to offer advice and information to prepare students for their professional roles and requirements, such as campus resources, professional association membership and networking events, research and publication opportunities, and extracurricular clubs and activities.
Career support
Alumni can offer career support in teaching and learning from the classroom to the community, through:
  • lecturing in class as a guest
  • participating in podcasts, speaker series, workshops, panels, job clubs, case competition judging, student-initiated philanthropic and social justice activities, social media, book clubs, newsletters and job fairs
  • consulting for curriculum delivery and content
Social enterprise: A solution to supportive employment

Albert Einstein is often quoted for his simple recognition that we can’t expect the process that created a problem in the first place to ever be the solution in the long term. I think this applies not just to his scientific models, but also to our social and economic models.
Let’s look specifically at the issue of supportive employment. Pre-COVID-19, the challenges and the obstacles to opportunities to create successful supportive employment opportunities – such as inclusive hiring for Immigrants or on-the-job training – were rampant. This issue has been amplified during the pandemic. Many persons facing barriers to employment experience higher rates of unemployment or underemployment, regardless of their potential, readiness and capacity.
My analysis of the source of this problem (per the Einstein analytical model) is that the dominant business model in the current paradigm focuses only on the traditional goals of creating economic returns.
Happening in the community!
HIPC - Resources for Women
With Women's History Month in March, there remains a strong need for ongoing awareness and action to address gender-based violence and advance gender equality.

Did you know? 
-Racialized women and non-racialized women were equally likely to have experienced intimate partner violence. 
-Among those who had ever been in an intimate partner relationship, 29% of women belonging to a racialized ethno-cultural group reported experiencing some kind of psychological, physical, or sexual violence committed by an intimate partner in their lifetime (since the age of 15).
-One-quarter (25%) of racialized women between the ages of 15 and 24 experienced IPV in the past 12 months.

Resources for Addressing Gender-Based Violence:

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ABEA - Leaders In Literacy Award Nomination

Awards are presented at the Leaders in Literacy Breakfast in June. Nominations are open until April 15th.
Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for February 2022
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