Vol 1, Issue 3 January 21, 2022
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In this week's edition: Who's Hiring in the Hamilton Region, Workforce planning Hamilton updates, Connect to Careers Virtual Job Fair is the best way to recruit new talent C2C 2022, 15 Internship Interview Questions You Must Be Ready For, The target market for career centres may not be (just) students, 5 Key Trends in Workforce and Economic Development, 7 Ways HR Will Look Different in 2022, Computer Basics and Food Safety Training program through the Continuing Education department at the HWDSB, SoupFest 2022, Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for December 2021
Who's Hiring in the Hamilton region
is hiring for an administrative assistant if interested send your resume to pdelsordo@humphreys-ici.com

is hiring for a Technical Sales Representative
if interested send your resume to denise@murrayhydronics.com
YMCA - Hamilton
is hiring for a Business Administration Coordinator
if interested send your resume to adam.brown@ymcahbb.ca
Workforce Planning Hamilton Updates
Employer One Survey 2022 has launched NOW!!
Workforce Planning Hamilton has partnered with The City of Hamilton to roll out this year’s Business Impact Survey focusing on “Addressing the Needs of Hamilton’s Economic Recovery” 
Fill out the survey now: 
WPH Virtual tutorial Session
Hamilton's Largest Job Board
Monday, January 31st, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Workforce Planning Hamilton is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website and is inviting you for a virtual tutorial session -Hamilton's Largest Job board on
 Monday, January 31st, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
 to register please e-mail: nourhan.wassim@workforceplanninghamilton.ca 
Hamilton Youth Workforce is now LIVE!
The Hamilton Youth Workforce! Brought to you by Workforce Planning Hamilton.
An Instagram page centralized for youth employment and opportunities. to stay tuned for more exciting news, and updates please follow and share now! Click here to join
WPH - C2C Community Service Booth
Workforce Planning Hamilton will have a community service booth where you can register your organization with us at no cost.
Please e-mail: nourhan.wassim@workforceplanninghamilton.ca to learn more and register your organization before Feb 14, 2022.
Are You an Employer Looking to Hire?
Register for Connect to Careers Fair Today!
March 2, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET
We know it’s hard to replace the experience of connecting with candidates face to face at an in-person job fair. What if we told you we can offer the next best thing?

Connect to Careers Virtual Job Fair is the best way to find and recruit new talent in an online environment. With interactive features like customizable virtual booths and real-time, one-on-one chats, Connect to Careers is all about fostering professional connections in a personal setting.

Register by February 14, 2022, to ensure you have enough time to customize your booth to its full potential.

Presented in partnership by McMaster University; Mohawk College; Redeemer University; Workforce Planning Hamilton; and Economic Development, City of Hamilton.
Students & Youth
15 Internship Interview Questions You Must Be Ready For
The target market for career centres may not be (just) students
This list of common interview questions for interns will help you prepare for your big day, and walk away happy with the outcome.
1. Can You Tell Us a Bit About Yourself?
Here’s a pretty common internship interview question that often comes up at the start of your conversation. It seems like a simple baseline query, but there’s more depth to this question than most realize.
Interviewers ask this question for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a way to learn more about you and your career goals. It can also highlight your priorities, which might impact whether you get the internship or not.
Secondly, this question provides some insight into your communication skills. It shows the interviewer how well you convey ideas and contribute to the conversation.
How to Answer It
The best way to answer this internship interview question is to talk about your background a bit while showing enthusiasm for the position you’re trying to get. Keep the details short and sweet (under a couple of minutes). Most importantly, keep it relevant to the company and job.
You can talk about your education and experience, but don’t go too far off-topic. The goal is to communicate clearly and add to the conversation in meaningful ways.
2. Tell Us About a Time When You Had to Lead
Some assume that questions about leadership only come up when you’re interviewing for managerial positions. That’s not always the case. This question can come up if you’re trying to land an internship as well!

Career centres are generally viewed as a staple within standard student services at any post-secondary institution in North America, as it should be. If we ask many centres who their target market is, the most obvious and immediate response is students, of course! However, while this is a true representation of the clientele who come through our (virtual) doors, ongoing research into post-secondary student career development is emerging with a consistent theme: students have a preference to seek career advice first from those they are in regular contacts with, such as faculty members, academic advisors and volunteer program managers, before they even consider setting foot in a career centre – if they do at all (Brainstorm Strategy Group, 2017; Dey & Cruzvergara, 2014Ho, 2019).
In the first article in this four-part series on the role of different stakeholder groups in advancing career education and development in post-secondary institutions, we discussed the term “functional fixedness”: a cognitive bias where an individual engages in tunnel vision and only sees traditional, limited ways to use a tool, instead of exercising creative problem-solving. We advocated for career professionals to work with students and clients to overcome functional fixedness by identifying transferable skills and ways they can leverage their talents across multiple contexts.
Functional fixedness takes place not only on an individual basis but also at an organizational level.

Business & Research
5 Key Trends in Workforce and Economic Development
Workforce and economic development professionals must be able to anticipate changes in hiring and employment patterns in order to make strategic decisions for their communities. That's why it’s important to always have an eye on emerging trends in this space, including when it comes to how labour market information (LMI) is collected, disseminated, and utilized.
The new Statistics Canada TEER system (short for Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities) was introduced to include the education and experience needed to work in a specific occupation. This provides a more granular level of detail compared to reports previously generated. The TEER system enhancement now features a "skill level" to clearly indicate the difference in formal training or education necessary among unit groupings for occupations.
What other changes are on the horizon when it comes to LMI? We explore five trends that workforce and economic development professionals should be aware of as we head towards a post-pandemic labour market.
1. Increased need for workers with a range of soft skills
What is happening?
In recent years, even pre-dating the pandemic, there’s been a considerable increase in job postings that explicitly request soft skills from workers such as communication, organization, teamwork, attention to detail and flexibility, to name a few. These skills help teams work successfully together over email, Slack or Teams conversation platforms and virtual meeting spaces such as Zoom. 

7 Ways HR Will Look Different in 2022
Two years ago, as I was wrapping up a yearlong Fast Company series on 21st-century HR, I closed the year by writing about how the world of HR would change in 2020. Then came the global pandemic, renewed conversations on racial equity and social justice, and a massive shift toward the digitization of work that accelerated many of those predictions.
The past two years have been a roller coaster for the field of HR. We’ve been tasked with leading our organizations through a once-in-a-generation pandemic, designing and modifying (and modifying again) return-to-workplace plans, creating new “people ops in the cloud” remote models of working, and more. 
The duality of this era of transition is profound. HR and people functions have been elevated to a status we’ve long sought, as we’ve been essential to navigating all of the turmoil of the past year. On the other side, the emotional toll of this centrality has led to high levels of burnout, with experienced executives transitioning out of operator roles. The weight of these responsibilities — plus the stress and uncertainty of their leaders, teams, and employees — is a counterweight to this increase in status and demand.
As the field of HR and people operations looks ahead to 2022, we do so with a clearer focus on the changes we face and our role in driving this continued evolution in the world of work. We’ve grown more comfortable with the ambiguity that permeates the pandemic and we understand the need for agile approaches that can adapt to our new constantly evolving world of work.

Programs & Events
Computer Basics and Food Safety Training program through the Continuing Education department at the HWDSB. For further inquiries please reach out to Angela Parkin at aparkin@hwdsb.on.ca.
Happening Event in the City: SoupFest 2022
#Soupfest2022 will look differently this year however it will be as tasty as ever. Participants will be offering their signature soup at their local participating restaurants from Hamilton and surrounding cities. Each restaurant will have a signature competing soup offering whether it be by the bowl, a litre or both.
By February 1, 2022 all details of what soups are being offered, locations and times will be posted on www.livingrock.ca/soupfest

Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for December 2021
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