End of the Year Contractor Update Recap 
Thank you to those who attended the End of Year Contractor Update last week and a special thank you to all the presenters - it was a great program!  Presenters and topics included:
  • LTC Christopher Foster, Commander, DCMA Milwaukee
  • Daryl Zahn, CFCM, Manager, Contracts and Compliance, DRS Naval Power Systems, Inc. - Update on Section 809 Panel and Update on FAR and DFAR
  • Jason Rathsack, Group Lead, Business Operations, and Greg Litvinskas, Price/Cost Analyst, DCMA Milwaukee - 2018 Updates in Contract Management
  • Paul Lauro, Director of Contracting, Network Contracting Office NC012, Great Lakes Acquisition Center, US Department of Veterans Affairs - Understanding Integrated Acquisition - A Perspective on Optimizing Operations
  • William Hughes, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP - Federal Case Law Update
  • Cindy Shane, Senior Manager, Government Contracts and Paul Murphy, Government Contracts Specialist - Financial Compliance Eaton Corporation - Financial Assistance Awards (Grants/Cooperative Agreements)
  • Aina Vilumsons, CFCM, CEO, Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI) - End of Year Blog
Mr. Zahn shared that all three Volumes of the Section 809 Report are now available for review at  If you are interested in a copy of available presentations and were unable to attend, please contact Hilary Deblois at
The 6th Annual Department of Defense Contract Management Update hosted by WPI and the NCMA WI Chapter is scheduled for May 8.  Details will be posted as soon as possible at

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Congress spent the last several years making Defense acquisition friendlier toward smaller and nontraditional companies. Now one congressman is bringing together industry, academia and the Defense Department to better take advantage of the new process.
The Maryland Defense and Aerospace Consortium held its first meeting last Tuesday, and Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) hopes it will instill greater partnership between companies, DoD, universities and even kindergarten classes.
"Much of the innovation takes place in small- and medium-sized firms, and when those firms can partner with larger companies then we are going to get to the warfighter the equipment, the systems, the information and the technology they need at a much quicker pace," Brown told Federal News Network. "We've done a lot on Capitol Hill to try to streamline acquisition, and now it's really about promoting partnerships so industry can partner and work with DoD to deliver a quality product to the warfighter."
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Update - State of Wisconsin Agency RFP Suspension Lifted

January 29, 2019
Effective January 11, 2019, Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitations from Wisconsin State agencies may be posted to eSupplier (including RFPs suspended after November 27, 2018). Actions that may be taken on RFPs that had been previously suspended depends upon its status.
RFPs canceled during the suspension may be reactivated using copy functions in STAR. Agencies can work with STAR by sending an SSO ticket. SBOP will work with STAR to assist agencies with reactivating their canceled events as needed.
The official site for information about Wisconsin State agency solicitations continues to be the eSupplier Portal, with the exception of the UW System and its campuses. Questions related to a specific RFP should be directed to the named agency RFP manager. General questions can be referred to
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  Section 809 Panel Releases Final Report to Congress 
Jan 17, 2019
From "Bold Ideas" to "Revolutionary" Changes:
Section 809 Panel Releases Final Report to Congress Recommending Sweeping Defense Acquisition Reforms
The Section 809 Panel's much-anticipated Volume 3 of its Final Report to Congress has now been released. The Panel, created by Section 809 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2016, is comprised of defense acquisition experts and was tasked by Congress to analyze the defense acquisition system and provide recommendations to streamline the system's processes and remove both time and financial burdens.
The Panel's Interim Report, released in May 2017, made 5 preliminary recommendations to lessen the impact of certain statutory and regulatory burdens on the defense acquisition system-all of which were adopted by Congress in the 2018 NDAA.
  House Passes Slate of Small Business Bills
Washington, D.C. - Over the past few days, the U.S. House of Representatives passed four bipartisan small business bills to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation.

"Our Small Businesses deserve robust investments that promote growth by improving access to capital and ensuring small firms can compete with their larger counterparts," said House Small Business Committee Chairwoman Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez (D-NY). "Just weeks into the new Congressional legislative session, I'm proud the House has passed a package of bipartisan bills that seek to unlock doors to success for small firms whether in rural America, on Main Street, or in our cities."
  Veteran Certification Verification Enhancements
The Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) has announced several enhancements to the verification program for VOSB and SDVOSB. The validity period of the certification increased from 2 to 3 years.

Also some requirements to determine eligibility have been modified: The community property is no longer a consideration and full time devotion of the Veteran is no longer required. Veterans who wish to apply for the certification are now assigned a case analyst. The appeal process is reduced from 30 to 10 days.

The website has been improved as well: There is a more secure Log on via DS and, the search engine for certified company was upgraded and additional information is now available on the VIP homepage for anyone looking to understand the process better.


WPI Infosec Bulletin
National Counterintelligence and Security Center Launches Campaign to Help Private Industry Guard Against Threats from Nation State Actors
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) announced on January 7, 2019 an initiative titled "Know the Risk, Raise Your Shield" to assist private industry develop awareness and the tools needed to guard against cyber threats. The program's press release states in part - "Make no mistake, American companies are squarely in the cross-hairs of well-financed nation-state actors, who are routinely breaching private sector networks, stealing proprietary data, and compromising supply chains. The attacks are persistent, aggressive, and cost our nation jobs, economic advantage, and hundreds of billions of dollars," said NCSC Director William Evanina. "To enhance private sector awareness, we're arming U.S. companies with information they need to better understand and defend against these threats." (emphasis added)
Information featured on NCSC's website ( or at  provides basic tips to help mitigate risks faced by the private section. The information addresses numerous topics, including supply chain risks, economic espionage, social engineering, social media deception, spear-phishing, mobile device safety, and foreign travel risks.
FCC Cybersecurity Planning Guide

The Cybersecurity Planning Guide is designed to meet the specific needs of a company using the FCC's customizable Small Biz Cyber Planner tool. The tool is designed for businesses that lack the resources to hire dedicated staff to protect their business, information, and customers from cyber threats. Even a business with one computer or one credit card terminal can benefit from this important tool. Businesses using more sophisticated networks with dozens of computers should consult a cybersecurity expert in addition to using the cyber planner. Copied from: 
130 Federal Website Security Certificates have expired since the beginning of the shutdown -
Websites use certificates to create an HTTPS connection. When signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA), certificates give confidence to browsers that they are visiting the "real" website. See for more details on Certificate Authorities (CA's), and Certificates.
Expired security certificates can make it more difficult to access government web sites, prevent access to sites with expired certificates and may make a site more susceptible to various attacks.
You have heard of HTTP and HTTPS but how about HSTS?
More importantly, should you be using HSTS to protect visitors to your website?
If a website accepts a connection through HTTP and redirects to HTTPS, visitors may initially communicate with the non-encrypted version of the site before being redirected, if, for example, the visitor types or even just This creates an opportunity for a man-in-the-middle attack. The redirect could be exploited to direct visitors to a malicious site instead of the secure version of the original site.
The HTTP Strict Transport Security header informs the browser that it should never load a site using HTTP and should automatically convert all attempts to access the site using HTTP to HTTPS requests instead.
For more information on HSTS please see -  
The WPI Infosec Bulletin is a new initiative by WPI to advise and provide current information to Government contractors and subcontractors on Information Security and Cyber related topics.  The Infosec Bulletin will become a stand-alone publication during the next months.  To be added to the mailing list for the Bulletin or would like assistance on the topics presented please contact Marc Violante at  

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