What is, isn't available for businesses during govt shutdown 
NEW YORK (AP) - Small business owners are increasingly feeling the impact of the partial government shutdown that's in its 17th day. Agencies including the Small Business Administration and the IRS are not providing information and services, although the SBA's disaster loan operations are at work.
A look at what is and isn't available for businesses:

The SBA isn't processing loan applications, which means owners seeking business loans will have to wait until after the government reopens to find out if they've been approved. Owners can still apply for loans, as the process begins by contacting a bank that is an SBA lender.

SBA certifications are also not being processed. Companies hoping to get certification, for example, as a woman-owned business, can't apply, and they also can't find out the status of a previously submitted application. Small businesses use certifications in bidding for government and private contracts and also in marketing themselves.

Companies that are already working for the government won't be paid for their work until after the shutdown ends. Companies that have bid on contracts and want to know if they've won may have to wait - the outcome will depend on whether the agency and contracting officer is working.

In some cases, contractors are not authorized to do government-related work during the shutdown.

Agencies that are operating are publishing bidding opportunities. The Defense, Agriculture and Justice Departments were among those posting opportunities on the government's bidding website, on Monday. However, the government employees listed as contacts on a specific opportunity might not be available.

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January 24th, join NCMA and WPI for the End of the Year Federal Contractor Update for a series of briefings on changes and challenges. This year's speakers include:
  • Jason Rathsack, Group Lead, Business Operations at Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
  • William Hughes, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP
  • Cindy Shane, Senior Manager, Government Contracts, Eaton Corporation
  • Paul Lauro, Director of Contracting, Network Contracting Office NC012, Great Lakes Acquisition Center, US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Daryl Zahn, CFCM, Manager, Contracts and Compliance, DRS Power & Control Technologies, Inc.
  • Eric Ness, District Director Wisconsin, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Aina Vilumsons, CEO, Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

Important Announcement Related to RFPs from VendorNet 
Effective immediately, all Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitations from Wisconsin state agencies that have not yet been awarded will be suspended in the eSupplier Portal until further notice. This does not affect UW System solicitations or solicitations by municipalities (cities, counties). This also does not affect other sourcing event types like official sealed bids (RFBs), simplified bids or Requests for Information (RFI).
RFP events that have been posted but have not reached their due date will be cancelled with the option to restore at a future date. Agencies will determine which RFPs will be re-posted after the transition is complete.
RFP events that are closed and under review or evaluation will be suspended, meaning all events will cease until further notice. Suppliers who have submitted proposals will be notified at a later date of the specific status of their proposal.
The suspension of RFP activities will not have any effect on agency bids, which can continue to be posted and awarded.
Questions related to a specific RFP should be directed to the named RFP manager. General questions can be referred to
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The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has updated their TKO (Training Knowledge Opportunities) SEMINAR and WEBINAR schedule for 2019.  DLA has significantly enhanced the program offering with a broad range of webinars and several two day seminars held at the DLA facilities in Columbus, OH.  Details are available at  The webinars and seminars are held at no cost but registration is required.  

Pentagon Considers Cybersecurity Certification for Its Contractors
In cybersecurity, you're only as strong as your weakest link. For the Defense Department, the area with the fewest cyber protections are the defense contractors the department works with, particularly the small businesses that don't have the expertise or resources to build a robust security posture.
The Pentagon put together a task force to assess whether small businesses within the defense industrial base are complying with the cybersecurity framework published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and provide assistance to companies that need help.  

WPI Infosec Bulletin
Information security has always been a critical element to businesses involved in government contracting. The importance of information security cannot be overstated. Businesses not only need to manage paper, prints and information accessed and used by employees, members of the supply chain and customers, they must also manage their digital information and develop sounds and compliant cyber programs. These programs and policies will continued to be a priority for contractors.  
The purpose of this bulletin is to be an information resource for individual involved with developing, managing or integrating requirements of programs such a CUI, ITAR, EAR and JCP. It is also our hope that our readers will share information, their thoughts and experiences/suggestions. We realize the power and value of a network and would like to tap into the knowledge and resources of our readers. Our goal is simple - to benefit all. We encourage questions and have established the following email address for this purpose - or call Marc Violante at 920-456-9990.

Supplier Chain Management
Most companies depend upon their supply chains, not only for their own internal needs, but to meet their customers' requirements.  The government's interest in the entire supply chain for the goods it purchases has seen an increasing focus in recent years.  Government contractors, large and small,  should ensure their purchasing system meets several distinct criteria. Having an approved purchasing system is a major key to success and follow-on business with the government.  Read more at  . You can also contact Mark Dennis at  

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The 13th Annual Volk Field/Fort McCoy Small Business Conference will be held July 30 and 31, 2019 at Volk Field, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin.  

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