June 8, 2021
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Fundamentals of Teaming and Partnering
Acquisition Hour: The New SAM.gov

NDIA Midwest Regional Conference Series
Welcome to the New Sam.Gov!

Welcome to the new SAM.gov (now integrated with beta.SAM.gov). Need help navigating, please contact Kim Garber at KimG@wispro.org or Benjamin Blanc at BenjaminB@wispro.org or call 414-270-3600 for assistance.
SBA Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Profile
Many businesses SAM registration expiration dates were extended by six months, during the transition period of SAM.gov merging into beta.SAM.govIf you were one of those businesses, you probably had a sigh of relief that you could wait to update your SAM registration. It has come to our attention that the Small Business Administration (SBA) Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profile expires based on the original SAM expiration date. Government agencies and large business prime contractors use the DSBS to look for small businesses. Inactive SBA DSBS profiles will become active once the SAM registration has been updated. 
If you need assistance, contact WPI at 414-270-3600
2021 Growth Accelerator Fund Competition and SBIR Catalyst Competition Information

The SBA seeks proposals from the nation’s innovation-focused entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) that outline programs to speed the launch, growth, and scale of deep-tech small businesses across the country. Applicants should submit a 12-slide deck and a 90-second video, addressing the relevant elements of one of the following tracks, by no later than 4:00 EDT on July 2, 2021 Read more
Small Business Size Standards: A Historical Analysis of Contemporary Issues

Small business size standards are of congressional interest because they have a pivotal role in determining eligibility for Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance as well as federal contracting and, in some instances, tax preferences. Although there is bipartisan agreement that the nation’s small businesses play an important role in the American economy, there are differences of opinion concerning how to define them. Read more
Virtual Knowledge Outreach Video Series

WPI has developed a series of Virtual Knowledge Outreach (VKO) videos as a best practices and next steps resource for our clients. The videos offer a brief introduction to presenting your company to a buyer, whether to a government agency directly or to a prime contractor. These videos are a starting point and may ‘prime the pump’ for conversations with your counselor.

If you would like to talk about any of these videos, or if you have another government contracting question, please contact your Kim Garber at kimg@wispro.org or call us at (414) 270-3600
Additional Money for Public Projects and Initiatives

There is currently much discussion on additional monies that will soon become available to support a wide range of public projects and initiatives – Federal, State and Local. Businesses that are ready to respond will be able to compete for these opportunities. Being ready means becoming familiar with how the various government entities purchase as well as what projects/priorities may be funded. Also, if your business qualifies for any of the various government diverse business certifications, consider application. Certification is a business asset that can give you a competitive edge when bidding directly or as a team member / subcontractor on public projects and requirements. 

Contact WPI for assistance on registering in SAM.GOV or applying for Federal, State or Local small business certifications - 414-270-3600 or info@wispro.org

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Midwest Regional Conference Series
-Session 2-
June 22 | 8:00 - 9:00 am CST

Keynote: MG Richard "Ross" Coffman
The National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) Great Lakes, Great Rivers and Iowa-Illinois chapters, partnered with the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), invite you to attend the second of a three-part virtual series featuring leaders in U.S. Defense. In this series, you will have the opportunity to learn about current issues, programs, and priorities critical to Defense contractors and subcontractors.

The keynote speaker for our second session will be MG Richard “Ross” Coffman. The Army is engaged in the largest modernization effort of armored vehicles in 40 years. The Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross Functional Team is driving that effort and is actively seeking new ideas, from industry, academia and beyond, on how to drive new technologies into our future vehicles. MG Coffman, director of the NGCV CFT, will provide an overview on NGCV CFT’s lines of efforts and the way forward for combat vehicles.

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit that engages thoughtful and innovative leaders to promote the best policies, practices, products, and technology for warfighters and others who ensure the safety and security of our nation. NDIA membership includes 1,560 corporate and 52,700 individual members with 29 chapters throughout the world.

The next segment of our series is scheduled for June 29, 2021. Information on all sessions in this series will be posted to the NDIA Midwest Regional Conference Series.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this session – please contact Megan McKinney,
NDIA Great Lakes Chapter Board Member, at info@ndia-greatlakes.org.
This no-cost, three-part series will focus on partnering and teaming as an intentional business strategy. The purpose of the series is to help bring awareness and elevate teaming approaches and skills to our women-owned businesses. The series is designed to address how a successful partnering strategy can expand capabilities, capacity, and add value to your existing and potential customers to meet their sourcing needs

Session 1

June 15 | 10 am – Noon
This session will focus on the fundamentals of teaming and partnering, addressing purpose, benefits, types of relationships, and key terms in defining relationships. REGISTER HERE

  • Anisha Jackson – Supplier Diversity Manager – American Family
  • Eric Ness – Wisconsin District Director – U.S. SBA
  • Adonica Randall – President and Chief Problem Solver – Abaxent LLC
  • Jean Thiel – President – Belonger Corporation Inc.
  • Peter Coffaro – Deputy Director, Community Outreach and Business Engagement – MMSD
  • Robert L. Simpson – Director Business Development – Aon Diversity Solutions
  • Jessie Leonard – Associate Director – Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC)
  • Aina Vilumsons – CEO – Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)
Session 2

July 20 | 10 am - Noon
This session will focus on challenges and risk mitigation, offer legal insights into teaming approaches and agreements, and locating good partners or team members. REGISTER HERE
Session 3

Aug 17 | 10 am - Noon
This session will offer a roadmap that will help guide you on developing your own teaming and partnership arrangements. We will explore types of contract opportunities, methods of developing relationships, performing due diligence, and various levels of formality. REGISTER HERE

Presented by the Women's Business Development Center (WBDC), WBDC WI Ambassador Advisory Committee and the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)
Questions? Please call Jessie Leonard at (414) 395-4564 or email jleonard@wbdc.org
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