July 8, 2021
Acquisition Hour: The Federal Spend to the End

NDIA Midwest Regional Conference Series, Session 4 - Colonel Wesley Hallman, USAF (Ret); NDIA
Challenges in Developing Successful Business Teams and Partnerships

Acquisition Hour: Gov't Property Management for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors
WPI's Summer Cyber Reboot
Marc Violante; Director of Federal Markets, WPI
The past 18 months have been chaotic for businesses and everyone affected by the pandemic. It has also been chaotic from a cybersecurity perspective. CMMC V1.0 was published in January 2020 and just a couple of months later these requirements were updated. CMMC continued to receive significant attention through the summer months. In September 2020, an Interim DFAR rule was published which contained three new DFAR clauses which address cybersecurity. All became active on November 30, 2020. Two of these clauses, DFARS clauses 252.204-7019 and 252.204-7020, immediately impacted all members of the Defense Industrial Base as it required companies to complete and upload the results of the DoD Basic Assessment to the SPRS portal as a condition of being eligible for a DoD award. In addition, to directly impacting DoD Primes, these clauses impacted all members of DoD's Supply Chain as any business in the DoD Supply Chain were required to complete the basic assessment as a condition of being eligible for award at a sub-tier level.
CISA’s CSET Tool Sets Sights on Ransomware Threat

CISA has released a new module in its Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET): the Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA). CSET is a desktop software tool that guides network defenders through a step-by-step process to evaluate their cybersecurity practices on their networks. CSET—applicable to both information technology (IT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks—enables users to perform a comprehensive evaluation of their cybersecurity posture using many recognized government and industry standards and recommendations.
Who made the list? Introducing the 2021 Top 100 Federal Technology

Ranking the federal market's biggest prime contractors. Welcome to the 2021 Washington Technology Top 100, where we rank the largest government contractors according to their prime contracts for IT, systems integration, professional services and other technology products and services
CISA Publishes Cyber ‘Bad Practices’

The bad practices are aimed especially at -- though not limited to -- educating critical infrastructure owners and operators. This includes, of course, the defense industrial base and many who support its supply chain -- from communications equipment and high-tech capabilities to electrical and mechanical components for military hardware, such as tanks, planes, and ships.
Building Resilient Supply Chains, Revitalizing American Manufacturing, and Fostering Broad-Based Growth

100-Day Reviews under Executive Order 14017 June 2021 A Report by The White House  
A Snapshot of Government-Wide Contracting For FY 2020 (infographic)

In fiscal year 2020, the federal government spent more than $665 billion on contracts, an increase of over $70 billion from fiscal year 2019. Half of this increase, or $35 billion, is attributed to spending on medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to treat COVID-19 patients, among other things related to COVID-19.
Day 1 Virtual
July 22 | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Day 1 of the 15th Annual Government Opportunities Business Conference (GOBC) is scheduled as a full-day virtual event. Stay connected at wigobc.org for updates including the full day’s agenda.
Speakers include:
  • Bill Hughes & Julia Banegas; Husch Blackwell
  • Eric Ness; U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Sam Rikkers; Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)
  • Jason Rathsack; Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
  • John Frederick, Varick Williams & Brad Bruce; The Boeing Company
Watch for further updates on Day 2 – October 21, 2021
Day 2 will be a full-day traditional in-person event. Join us in-person at the Volk Field Air National Guard Base in Camp Douglas, WI.

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Midwest Regional Conference Series
-Session 3-
July 15 | 9:00 - 10:00 am CST

Colonel Wesley Hallman; Senior Vice President, Strategy & Policy, NDIA
The keynote speaker for this session will be Colonel Wesley Hallman, USAF (Ret), Senior Vice President, Strategy & Policy, National Defense Industrial Association. Wes will discuss various legislative issues and efforts vital to the National Defense Industrial Base and NDIA including the annual Vital Signs report. Vital Signs is a study on the health and readiness of the defense industrial base. The goal of Vital Signs is to persistently monitor a set of key metrics to measure the health of the defense industrial base over time. Wes will talk about the 2021-second edition as well as ongoing efforts for the third edition.
Wes came to NDIA after a 27-year career in the Air Force, last serving as the Chief Air Force Liaison to the House of Representatives responsible for advising the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force on engagement with Congress while working directly with members of the House of Representatives and their offices on Air Force and national security matters. Prior to his work with Congress, he was the senior executive assistant to the Joint Staff Director of Strategic Plans and Policy.
This no-cost, three-part series will focus on partnering and teaming as an intentional business strategy. The purpose of the series is to help bring awareness and elevate teaming approaches and skills to our women-owned businesses. The series is designed to address how a successful partnering strategy can expand capabilities, capacity, and add value to your existing and potential customers to meet their sourcing needs
Session 2

July 20 | 10 am - Noon
This session will focus on challenges and risk mitigation, offer legal insights into teaming approaches and agreements, and locating good partners or team members. REGISTER HERE

Speakers include:
  • Anisha Jackson – Supplier Diversity Manager; American Family
  • Shane Mahaffy – Lead Business Opportunity Specialist; U.S. SBA
  • Adonica Randall – President and Chief Problem Solver; Abaxent LLC
  • Jean Marie Thiel – President; Belonger Corporation Inc.
  • D.M. (Daryl) Hodnett – System Director-Supplier Diversity and Inclusion; Advocate Aurora Health
  • Tim Connelly – Government Contract Attorney; Tim Connelly Law PLLC
  • Jeff Chmielewski – Facility Manager; WEC Energy Group
  • Karen Goldner – Managing Director, Established Business Services; Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC)
  • Jessie Leonard – Associate Director; Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC)
  • Aina Vilumsons – CEO; Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

Session 3

Aug 17 | 10 am - Noon
This session will offer a roadmap that will help guide you on developing your own teaming and partnership arrangements. We will explore types of contract opportunities, methods of developing relationships, performing due diligence, and various levels of formality. REGISTER HERE

Presented by the Women's Business Development Center (WBDC), WBDC WI Ambassador Advisory Committee and the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)
Questions? Please call Jessie Leonard at (414) 395-4564 or email jleonard@wbdc.org
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