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- January 10, 2023 -



Acquisition Hour: Overview of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)


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Sales Opportunities Local Government Agencies – In Person (Madison, WI)

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15th Annual End of Year Federal Contractor Update – (Oshkosh, WI) In-Person

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Cyber Friday: Preparing for Self-Assessment


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The Fall 2022 MAS Industry Newsletter Is Available Now!

Every quarter, the Multiple Award Schedule Program Management Office (MAS PMO) publishes a newsletter full of all the latest updates and information for our industry partners. 

We highly recommend all prospective and current contractors read our updates thoroughly so as to not miss any important news and deadlines!

What’s New 

  • GSA Optimizes Opportunities for Small Businesses Through SBA 8(a) Partnership Agreement
  • Multiple Award Schedule Contract Modification Process: Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions
  • New Threshold and Other Updates to GSA Advantage Order Status
  • Multiple Award Schedule Program Working to Address Inflationary Impacts
  • Removing Non-Compliant Products from MAS Contracts and GSA Advantage! 
  • 2022 FAST Monthly Training Series

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American Red Cross: Supplier and Vendor Registration

The American Red Cross is committed to maximizing mutually beneficial relationships with all suppliers as part of an ongoing effort to offer opportunities to work within our organization.

Registration - Potential and Current Suppliers

We have partnered with to power our Supplier Registration Portal.

If your organization has never registered as a supplier with the Red Cross and you would like your organization to be considered in future sourcing opportunities, please follow the instructions below to register.

If you have registered previously with the Red Cross your company profile has been migrated to the new portal. To ensure that your supplier information is correct and up to date, please review your existing profile using the instructions below.

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National Defense Authorization Act of 2020, Credit for Lower Tier Subcontracting and Other Amendments 

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA or Agency) is proposing to amend its regulations to implement provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020. The proposal would permit a prime contractor with an individual subcontracting plan to apply credit for subcontracts to small businesses at lower tiers toward its subcontracting goals. To do so, the prime contractor would incorporate the lower-tier subcontracting performance into its subcontracting-plan goals.

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Comments must be received on or before February 17, 2023. For any assistance on Federal Small Business Program reporting, contact Kim Garber at or 618-444-0047

Strengthen Agency Procurement Forecasts to Achieve Stronger Transparency in Future Contract Opportunities.

As part of the Administration’s equity efforts to reverse the decline in the number of small businesses contracting with the Federal Government, an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memorandum emphasized the need for greater consistency across the Federal Government in the availability and quality of procurement forecasting information. Currently, there is no consistency in the content or format of agency forecasts and no one place to search consolidated forecasting information. To strengthen transparency about expected contract opportunities and accessibility to this information, agencies are working with OMB to identify a common list of procurement information to include in agency forecasts of contracting opportunities in order for potential contractors, and especially those in underserved communities, to effectively prepare for future Federal contract competitions. Promising practices are being assessed for moving from a static posting of forecasting data at the beginning of the fiscal year to a timelier and more dynamic model that involves more regular posting of new information on a rolling basis as requirements are identified. User friendly search and filter functions are being explored to improve visibility and accessibility across agency forecasts over time so that entities interested in particular market segments can find relevant information more easily in the official System for Award Management ( The Biden-Harris Administration commits to implementation of these initiatives over the next two years with quarterly progress reporting on

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Develop Open Innovation Techniques to Engage the Public in Federal Procurement Policymaking

The Federal Government must ensure that it spends money wisely and eliminates waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars. With approximately one out of every three dollars of Federal Government discretionary spending going to contractors, it is imperative that contract actions result in the best value for taxpayers. This creates an opportunity to leverage procurement, consistent with applicable law and regulations, to take on our most pressing challenges as a country, such as advancing equity and securing domestic supply chains. In order to identify and develop the best ideas for how procurement can be used to address our most pressing complex and crosscutting challenges, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy in the Office of Management and Budget is using open innovation crowdsourcing with the support of an online platform to collaborate with the public on ways to improve government procurement. As a result of crowdsourcing campaigns undertaken over the last 18 months, the Federal Government was able to (1) expand our reach to allow a greater number and diversity of voices to participate in the procurement process, (2) gain new insights and perspectives, (3) explore problems and solutions, and (4) accelerate the process of identifying the most promising ideas for reforming Federal procurement. During Fiscal Year 2023 the Federal Government commits to continuing to use open innovation techniques and crowdsourcing tools to foster meaningful dialogue with individuals and organizations with expertise and interest in Federal procurement matters.

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New “Interested” Feature in eBuy Brings Benefits to Both Buyers and Sellers

A brand new feature has been added to eBuy! As of December 29, contractors may notify a customer they are interested in a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Quote (RFQ).

This new feature has many benefits for both buyers and sellers:

  1. Provides easy identification of the Seller's interest in quoting.
  2. Provides Sellers with the ability to easily filter and identify quotes they have not submitted.
  3. May help Buyers get a better idea of how many quotes to expect on an RFQ/RFI.
  4. May help Buyers determine if they should extend the RFQ/RFI close date.

As a Buyer, what does it mean when a seller indicates they’re “Interested”?

With this new feature, buyers can expect to begin seeing quote status of “Interested” on the RFQ Details page in eBuy. While this is not an official quote/response from the seller, it lets the buyer know that the seller has expressed interest in the RFQ/RFI. Once an RFQ/RFI closes, quotes labeled as “Interested” will be automatically removed from the RFQ/RFI quotes list.

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15th Annual End of Year Contractor Update

January 25, 2023

7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center 

1 North Main Street Oshkosh, WI 54901

Registration Now Open

New Dates Announced

The Acquisition Hour webinar series is presented by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Wisconsin Chapter and the Wisconsin Procurement Institute.

Registration Now Open
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